Now, that is what is currently trending in relationships; nudity (otherwise known as nakedness) or better still ‘sexting’

Both send sexual images to each other via their mobile phones.Some play the easy and safe method by just sending sexual messages capable to make that person visualize sex with them or even masturbate; which means self sexual pleasure. When I say nude pictures or sexual images, ain’t talking about the laps or legs; I mean a guy’s dick and the ladies breast and vagina…

For all they care, they are just expressing how they feel sexually, and in a puzzled manner, I am like, really, you are just expressing yourself sexually? So, before the advent of phones and other sophisticated gadgets, how exactly were people expressing themselves sexually. There is really more to this extremely popular trend than meets the eye.

So, now I ask, who usually pops out the question between a guy and a lady about sending sexual images? Of course, the guys (99%), aint no feminist here, and who are those that are always eager to send these nude pictures? The ladies of course. They do this just to satisfy their partner’s needs and make him happy.

Some ladies believe it is the best way to keep their guy, stop them from looking else where or cheating on them or better still jilting them; “my sister na lie, guy wey go leave you, go still leave you,” even if you go to his office during his break time to give him a ‘quickie’. What you don’t know is that there may be someone else sending more provocative pictures…

So, why is it difficult for people to stop this despite the repercussions that flood the internet. It is simple, because after they try it once, twice and nothing happened, they overtime get use to this.

I was once in a relationship with a certain guy that always, I mean ‘always’ wanted me to send my nude pictures. In order to spur me into action, he would quickly send his nude pictures- his male organ precisely. The more I kicked against it, the more he sent. Then, I loved the guy no doubt, but my refusal to send my naked pics really got him upset, so I just sent pictures of my teddy wearing my undies, hoping that will do, but that didn’t. To be honest seeing nude images can wake all the dead cells in you at that moment.

So, how did I handle the situation? I always deleted his naked pictures immediately he sent them to me and convincingly told myself that those picture showing just his prick alone were not for him but for one unknown guy in the internet with the same colour and size of his dick. And you know what? The communication between us overtime lessened, so I quit him. Obiously, that kind of guy would have wasted no time in uploading my pictures if I had sent them to him.

What am I trying to say? Basically, a guy/lady (mostly guys anyway) may just be unto you for just sex purposes and nothing more; ain’t preaching beautiful readers, but that is just the truth.

Now, nudity is not synonymous to people in a relationship alone, some wake up and just feel like posting their nude pictures, some as a way to celebrate a birthday or protest. Checkout these pictures

Well, this has taken me like two hours to write and I am about to drop my pen but not without letting you know the dangers of this act

1. If the relationship doesn’t work out, the nude pictures may serve as an act of revenge. It may also be used as a tool for blackmail, he/she demands money; it is usually huge.
2. Trust me, when people who have access to your phone see nude pictures of a familiar person, they will also like to have it one their phones and may possibly putt on the internet; they are called the hungry comment/like seeking social media users
3. In your extreme excitement, you may press the wrong button (if you know what I mean)
4. The truth is that, the person may actually be sending you pictures downloaded from the internet. All the person does is just to look for images that fit his/her size and colour.
5. He or she could show friends


So who are those on the losing end if the relationship doesn’t work out?
Without mincing words, the ladies tend to be more on the losing end. Ladies self like to overdo, a guy will send send just his dick without his face, while the lady will send her vagina, breast including her face; madness.
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So, I conclude with the words by Tim Robbins. Nudity doesn’t make something sexy, the characters and their relationship make it sexy

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