I saw this advert and I immediately loved the concept, though I felt something was missing. The advert first of all was quite short; just about 16 seconds.

Again, the voice behind the advert was too swift, which is not a good way to get the attention of their prospective buyers.

click to watch the advert here.

The advert was shot outdoor and there were two major models, though there were other people in the background.

So, for the first lady, there was an heavy rain and she got stuck since she didn’t have an umbrella. She then had a scratchy throat, but with the help of ‘Strepsil’, it disappeared.
The director of the advert made the rain that fell look real,from the actions of the other pedestrians reacted; some ran while some where indifferent about it.

The other lady faced pollution and had a dry throat. Also, with the help of ‘Strepsil’, it disappeared.

Just wondering
• I just wonder why the voice behind the advert was fast.
• The lightning was dim

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