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Her name is Treasure Ugochi Nnabugwu, she was born on the 8th of May. She is a member of the ‘Taurus’ sign. This beautiful damsel is fondly called ‘Ladytreshy’ a nickname she has been known for since childhood. She loves modelling. She is a vox-pop presenter and loves to do a lot of ushering jobs. Ladytresh is indeed a bundle of talent.


Ladytreshy is currently a 400 level student of the University of Lagos. She hails from Abia State.

Hobbies: Singing, watching movies, drawing girlish cartoons.

Turnoffs:- Hypocrites, bad breath, perverts.

Likes:- Food, Makeup, Good music.

Favorite movie: Coming to America

Favorite Music: Benediction by Anthony Brown (Gospel)

Favorite Actor: Dwayne Johnson

Favorite Musician:- Beyonce

Best Drink: Teem PhotoGrid_1516190694446

Best Food: Jollof rice with sausage

Best Place: My bed

Wishes for Nigeria: To be a country of prestige, respect and great importance to the outside world. But most of all, to be a country without thieves in it and a country that never lacks!


Oneday president: In all sincerity, Nigeria can never be fixed in a day so this is what I can do to help. I would declare a national holiday then send out all the troops to the North east to eradicate Boko Haram once and for all and if they find anybody trying to stop them, they should kill at sight.

Instagram handle :- @ladytreshy
Phone no: 08028076252


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