So, it is called the Harpic Ten Times (10x) challenge advert and this was shot in Kenya. The 10x challenge advert concept was also used in other countries aside Kenya, except that the ambassadors from the various countries were used instead.
So, at the beginning of the advert, Suliat enters a particular house to rate the whole vicinity over ten.

She starts out with the sitting room where she scores it ten over ten.

She then moves to the kitchen where she also scores it ten over ten. vlcsnap-2017-12-26-22h15m21s856

But on getting to the toilet, she scores it one over ten.

. The visited lady is surprised at the score and she tells Suliat that her toilet is actually not dirty (I am really wondering how this is not dirty, there is a difference between a permanent stain and temporary stain; that was obviously the latter) vlcsnap-2018-01-04-18h05m17s219

Abeg look at this toilet yourself, is it not dirty? Anyway thank God ‘Harpic toilet cleaner’ did its Job to clean up the stains.
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Just wondering
• It was too obvious that Suliat’s main aim was just the toilet which she ended up scoring one over ten; so why then add the sitting room and kitchen in her check list when she didn’t check thoroughly. One may also wonder if the same detergent cleaned the whole house properly, how come it didn’t clean the toilet as well…

• How can someone see that kind of toilet and say it is clean; even a year old baby can tell that when something is not white it is just not white.There are either permanent stains or temporary stains that was just a temporary stain. It would have made more sense if the visited lady had agreed that her toilet was dirty but she had tried all sorts of detergents or liquids, but they aren’t just cleaning her toilet well.

I love the advert- A unique concept! Totally different from all adverts I have been watching…

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