Gillian Casey (Yvonne Zima) download (40)is not the kind of girl you had break up with and then move on with your life without fear. She sure would make life heinous for such guy and may go as far as hurting the guy’s family as well. Andy Collins (Shawn Roberts)vlcsnap-2018-01-04-18h44m38s116 has got so much love to shower on any lucky lady that is willing to accept him. As an internet marketing consultant, his eyes catches the pretty Gillian Casey profile and his attention is drawn to her. Both Gillian and Andy hook up and their love life starts from there.

Andy was oblivious of the other side of Gillian, he only saw the pretty Gillian and not the lying, deceitful, bad tempered, obsessed, mentally disorder Gillian with criminal records. Little did Andy know that Gillian was going to be the cause of the death of his precious sister. And when he eventually got to find out about her lifestyle, Andy tried to back off, but of course, that didn’t go well with Gillian, so what do you think would happen to Andy? If you haven’t watched, then click this link to…

Gillian Casey: (Yvonne Zima), Andy Collins (Shawn Roberts), Heather ( Samantha Maddy), Tony (Scott Gibson, Althea Casey (Mary-Margaret Humes),
Dr. Harris Kohling (Gary Hudson)…

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