YES! YES! YES! Children lie a lot
To “lie” means to say words that are not true or words that are false. Children have over time become skilled liars, they are now even better liars than the adults. They tell lies without thinking twice.
So the question is, where do they pick up such habit? I know some of you would say it’s from peers or outside their homes, but that’s a lie. Children basically pick up the habit of telling lies from their homes. It could be that their parents, siblings, aunties, uncles, relatives, whoever they live with, tell lies. And since the lies are told constantly in their presence, they pick up the habit of telling lies as well. I am not however disputing the fact that they don’t pick up the habit of telling lies from peers or outside their homes, but it starts majorly from their homes.
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One day, a little girl called my number and pleaded with me to lie to her mum. Even though I was short of words at that moment for her, but I was not surprised. Because her mum tells lies also. Anytime I call her, in the presence of her child, she would always say, they are on their way and will even hand her phone to her child to say they are very close by, meanwhile they are still indoor and perhaps not even close to leaving the house.

So, dear families and friends, telling lies is not a good thing, especially in front of children, so, the next time you want to tell a lie and you feel it’s compulsory to do so and you believe you can’t make a statement without telling lies, please visit the ‘other room’ where you know your children will not be able to ear you, even if they glue their ears to the door. Thanks
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