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I just always like any advert with with smart kids………..

So, at the beginning of this advert, a guy is seen struggling to put the generator on.

Meanwhile, a young boy is watching the television but it goes off when there is power outage and everything stops working.His kid sister cries when the light is off.
The boy’s daddy is left with no other means than to switch on the generator which makes a lot of noise. Though, they do not like the noise the generator makes, it runs all through the night.

One day, his daddy comes in with Lumos yellow box, it is installed and the family starts having light constantly in their house; automatically replacing the noise making generator.

I love this advert I could barely find flaws in it. When there was power failure, one could tell from their faces and from the background.

Just wondering
• I thought the light went on even before the guy pulled the generator.

• Even the boy’s father was naturally sweating before the light went off.
• Strange, the man was climbing and was not concentrating, he was looking down…I have not seen any one climb a ladder without looking up…

Great advert though, click to watch here…

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