‘The break’ portrays the nexus of true love and rejection. A story of devotion, temptation, disappointment and genuine sacrifice. Finding out the truth may sometimes be hurtful, but it pays to be ready for it.

Synopsis to the ‘Break’.

With great opportunities come greater responsibilities. Wuraola, the newest bride in town seems to have all the benefits she ever wished for, but something bizarre lingers still. She quickly reconsiders the limits of her self-indulgence as she entertains a new member to the party, in the search for the unseen. The aftermath calls for a dialogue between true friends.

Salulu, a charming young bachelor is in town at the right time. Who wouldn’t love to share a time with him? Even the wives and spinsters can’t keep their eyes off him, but he does have a message for everyone.

Eze and Seriki are friends with a loving husband. But how far would a man go for his friend?

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