Simply say, an efficient worker is someone that is skilled.

So on my way home yesterday evening (Wednesday, 22nd November, 2017), I bought an Airtel card, of course in order to recharge my phone. I purposely bought a 200 Naira recharge card so that Airtel could deduct the 100 Naira loan I was owing them. But because my attention was more on the calls I wanted to make after loading the card, I didn’t really look at the card that was sold to me; I wasn’t expecting the recharge card seller to be dubious.

So, I made a whole lot of calls. But then, after loading the card, I noticed that I wasn’t given the usual free MB that comes with 200 Naira recharge card for the package I was on.

So, that same day, I tried calling Airtel’s customer care number ‘111’ to complain that I didn’t receive my usual free MB (Na 15MB pere o. No b my fault say I dey find free MB. I am still yet to understand how my Glo 1000 Naira data subscription images (4)finished in just two days. I only downloaded pictures and uploaded them on my word press page, then few audio songs- may be three or four; I am still yet to get an explanation from them. Meanwhile, na because of Psquare dem, I dey use the network o, they no kukuma dey together again, so…), but it didn’t connect me to a customer care rep; apparently, they had changed the code that customers ought press in order to speak to a customer care rep.

The next day (Thursday, 23rd November, 20170, I devised ways of reaching them until I finally got the new method.

So the first customer care rep I spoke with on the affected line (08087261006) was a male; around 11:00pm or thereabout. So, I told him I was yet to get my free 15 MB. Then he said I only loaded a 100 Naira card, and that was where the confusion started. But I told him that I loaded a 200 Naira card and not 100 Naira. He was even getting upset, so I didn’t push it too much. I then explained further to him that I paid for a 200 Naira card and not 100 Naira card. So he suggested I should go back to the card seller to let her know that she didn’t give me a 200 Naira card. Infact at that moment, I totally believed him, since he had and could see all my details on his computer. imagesI was totally infuriated with myelf for allowing someone to cheat me, for not taking time out to check the card I was given. Or probably I checked the card, but forgot what I saw.

Well, after the first call, I was troubled, but then I knew the only solution to the issue on ground was to look for the loaded recharge card and confirm how much card the lady sold to me. Then it dawned on me that I had thrashed the card. Not deterred, I went to the bin and looked for ways to retrieve the card. Finally, I saw it. It was partially wet, but then I checked it and saw that it was a 200 Naira card. “Thank goodness,” I said to myself. Imagine if I had gone to meet the card seller and told her that she gave me 100 Naira card; she 4 tear me hot slap ooo (recharge card wey their gain na extreme peanut). As in, she would have fought with me.images

So, again, I picked up my phone and dialed 111, this time, a female voice picked it up. I rendered the same complain. Infact this female customer care rep was worse than the guy that first attended to me. She was impatient and wanted to even cut the call. She kept on insisting that I loaded a 100 Naira card not 200 Naira. I told her I was with the card and just retrieved it from the bin. Sensing her reluctance in communicating with me, I pleaded with her to allow me call the “serial number”, so reluctantly she asked me to. So I started calling the serial number, I was yet to call all the digits when she interrupted me and said, it is truly a 200 Naira card, but it was not loaded by me (Nekwenum anya o!) I told her I was the one that loaded the card. She said I wasn’t the one that loaded the card. She even went as far as saying that the card was loaded on the 19th; four days ago ni ye o. She now said again that I was owing Airtel 250 Naira. Infact the woman just almost scattered my brain. So, sensing again she wasn’t talking with some understanding, I just said “okay, thank you Ma,” and for her mind o, she said “Thank you for choosing Airtel”, but of course before that, she asked for my locality and I told her, and the call ended.images

Phew! At this juncture, I sincerely was over confused. But then, I decided to try the last time again, so I punched in 111 on my phone. Again, a female picked it, and I was grateful to God that it was another lady. It was already after 12. So, I made the same complain that I made to her colleagues I earlier spoke with. I noticed she was extremely different from the other two I earlier spoke with. She was patient, attentive, detailed, was concerned about my problem, had sufficient knowledge about their services and was skilled in the use of computer. She was the only one with bright eyes. She confirmed it that I truly loaded a 200 Naira card but the network had already deducted my 100 Naira loan. She even went further to break down my previous loans. She resolved my problem and was self controlled. Her kind of person is what you call the efficient lady!I think those her colleagues need magnifying glasses.

I couldn’t help but ask for the name of this efficient customer care representative that finally put a smile on my face and saved my from what could have been “an embarrassment” and probably led to fight, if I had accused the card seller of giving me a wrong card. She identified herself as Adedoyin. But I know there is a way Airtel can know which ‘female’ Adedoyin I am talking about. It is as simple as using my number- 08087261006 to check the customer care representatives I spoke with on Thursday, 23rd of November, 2017- around 12pm. Madam Adedoyin, God bless you. Airtel needs more people like you.

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