Researchers currently giving over 500,000 Naira worth of Recharge cards @ UNILAG

Some group of people who claim to be researchers are currently at the University of Lagos, Faculty of Eductation giving away nothing less than 500 Naira recharge cards to all staff and students. They are also giving away a brown envelope which contains 400 Naira. The group made up of a man and a woman are currently at the Board room of the Dean of the faculty.

So, I went there, to have an idea about what the free 500 Naira recharge card giveaway was all about in a country where people are managing resources. It is so unfortunate that I had already collected the free 500 Naira airtime which also came with an envelope containing 400 Naira cash. This is because the ‘researchers’ as they claimed were skeptical to talk about the reason for the free recharge card and the money.

They claim to be researchers, but didn’t want their faces or what they were doing to be on the internet. More suspicious is the fact that any one that wants the free recharge 500 naira recharge card and money, must use their hands to bring out from the brown envelope 200 Naira from the 400 Naira and then return it to them. Now, I am hoping these people don’t have other agendas as people are more desperate in this mber months.
Anyway, I have decided to put the money and the card aside, because e get the way my body they do me now self. I need to know where this their stunt is leading to. Because, if it is truly a research, then why are they so reluctant to talk about it. They even gave us receipt for us which automatically means that they have all our details. Hmmmm, okay, I dey wait una. If na good, God bless you, if na bad, Holy ghost fire! Fire dem!

But then, they are still giving away the free 500 Naira recharge cards and a brown envelope,they have a whole lot of thousands with them; may be over 500, 000 (Not sure though, but considering how big the University is, and the recharge cards and money i saw on their table, then it should be over). If you care to have your own share, you know where to find them.


Article by Ogefash’s Styl Media House.

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