Now, this is neither a movie nor a short story!

So, this morning, I awoke to a very disturbing news that a-9-year old girl was raped after which she was killed around that Bariga area, Lagos, Nigeria. The next information I was expecting to complete such piece was that the rapist has immediately been arrested and punished severely. But that was not the case, the rapist escaped. He is yet to be caught by the police men. He is a rapist and a killer ‘on the loose’ likewise other men like him who have equally raped girls, ladies, women and cut short their lives.

“For Christ sake” she was just 9 years old, she could have been my grand daughter, a daughter, a sister, a family or a friend. For how long does this ‘evil rape act’ want to continue. Is it now a crime to be a woman. Day in day out women are molested/raped either by their uncles, brothers, daddies, friends, families and enemies. So, I ask again? Is it a crime to be a woman

How many more ladies would be raped before something is done to those that have taken “rape” as a terrific hobby. How many more?
So I am asking the Nigerian Government, how secured are the ladies, what are the steps taken to ensure that crime against women are treated with importance, that the offender doesn’t go scot-free or are punished lightly. Rape cases are increasing day by day because no severe punishment is meted out to the perpetrators. I believe the government do not need a magnifying glass to see the dangers of rape on our future first ladies;most of them either commit suicide, turn prostitutes, sex addicts or just condemn themselves.

Now is the time for quick judgment, men are raping and killing our women. The same severe punishment that would be meted out to them if they did it to your sister, daughter, wife, any close female bond of yours, should be meted out to them. Let this end today! Pen down a severe punishment for rapists and rapist killers! The less of them in the society, the clearer and better the future of women. No more “crime against women!”. No more! No More

Enough is enough; Ladies are not sex objects.
Enough is enough; men should stop thinking that the only thing a woman wants is sex.
Enough is enough; men shouldn’t force women into having sex with them, even if they are their wives.
Enough is enough; she is undressed, under dressed or over dressed, doesn’t mean she automatically wants hot/cold sex or sex.
Enough is enough; money in exchange for sex with her.
Enough is enough; men and their perversion.
Enough is enogh; that women only like your cassava.
Enough is enough; men wey geti big and small cassava, please, use it only with your partner with her consent and not forcefully.

Written by Ogefash.

Article by Ogefash’s Styl media House.

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