Everybody has been clamouring ‘change’, ‘change’ and ‘change’. We want the youths to take over.

Over and over again, it keeps playing in my ears; it is like a song on repeat “Youth take up the mantle of leadership’ and again “Youth take up the mantle of leadership”. But how ready are these youths? And if they finally take up the mantle, can they handle it?

The Five Signs

They are too scared

People who ought to be movers and shakers of the economy are too scared to take a step. They have what it takes to take up the mantle and put things in the right way, but no, they are too scared. They don’t want to take a step. In their mind, “the devil you know, is better than the devil you don’t know”, so they had rather stick to where they are getting ‘a designer bone’, there by forfeiting the real pot of chicken already set aside for them.

They can’t control emotions
They find it hard to control their emotions. Rather than argue or talk based on concrete facts, the argue based on their emotions. They do not understand others as well as themselves. They are quick to react to words that they feel hurt them; though they may later regret what they had done. They are quick to give an outburst response to people that say or do what they do not like.

Usually Malicious
Today’s youths are extremely malicious (some of them though), especially in religious places.

This is very popular among the youths. Some do not want to be corrected when they are doing wrong acts. If someone corrects them, they may end up insulting such person. Some of them aren’t just polite.

They are extravagant
Today’s youth just want to be spending, spending, spending; buying, buying and buying; and not saving, saving and saving. They had rather consume rather than invest.

Article by Ogefash’s Styl Media House.

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