In the movie “First Kill”, young boy Danny (Ty Shelton) was often bullied by his classmates. One day, his father- Will (Hayden Christensen), mother- Laura( Megan Leonard) and Danny as well, all went on a trip to the rural area, apparently where Will grew up. Will used his time-off from work to reconnect with his son Danny as well as teach him how to make use of firearm. One day, while in the woods, both Will and Danny witnessed the disagreement between two men and also the death of one of them. Danny is kidnapped later by one of the men who demanded ‘not money’ from Will in exchange for Danny but a key. So, what is the key about? That’s the part where you have to watch the movie to tell.

Quite interesting though, but after watching this movie, I feared that children may also watch it and start looking for ways to lay hands on firearms and learn how to use it, in a bid to develop their confidence. Basically, I don’t think teaching Danny how to use a gun should have been the next thing. So, what exactly happened to the bully?

Costume wise
• Just costume
Sound wise
• Good
Just thinking
• So, Will’s wife said ‘Danny was hit again,’ and I am wondering if the school owners didn’t know they had bullies in their school and never took disciplinary actions. Then that scene where Laura told Will, that ‘it is the problem of the Bully and not Danny’ was awkward for me. A child was constantly bullied and nothing was done by the parents or the school authorities (if there was, I didnt notice). They were just flippant about it. All they do is just take him to the hospital, and then later, he returns to thesame school. Meanwhile, after that kind of punch, I was not expecting Danny’s face to remain smooth.

• So, did Charlie know where Levi hid the money, because I was surprised he shot him after he threw the key away. So, how exactly did he intend finding the money, without an idea about where Levi hid it.

• So, what was the aftermath of the experience, did Danny suddenly become confident? Was he able to face the bully? Well, I certainly don’t know about that, no scenes for them.
• That part where Danny and Levi where playing video game; I hope people wont conclude that kidnappers are generally nice. Levi may seem nice but there should have been that part where he was forced to be harsh on Danny. Because, Levi was basically after the money, and if Will had not brought the money, he wont have released Danny.

Confusing scene(s):
Overall rating for First kill
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Shaky Middle, Good Ending
• SOUND: Good
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• LOCATION: Average
• REMARK: Children should not watch, because, there was no form of punishment for the bully. We don’t know the aftermath of Danny’s experience in the woods. Did he become confident? How/
• RATE: 5/10

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