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Amidst the ongoing feud between them, today is the birthday of Peter and Paul Okoye, and that can’t be changed, even if they want to. So, happy birthday to the twins, may God in his infinite mercies bless all their endeavours abundantly in Jesus name; amen.

On their 36th birthday, Ogefash’s blog presents to you, in no particular order, what we feel are their best 36 tracks so far.

Eno good, Kolo, Igbedu, Seniorita, Last nite (Last nite album)

Story, Get squared, Say your love, Oga police, Temptation, Omoge mi, Bizzy body (Get squared album)

No one like you, Game over, Stand up, Special man, Do me, Roll it, More than a friend (Game over album)

I love you, Trowey, Eno easy (Danger album)

Beautiful Onyinye, Forever, Me and my brother, Bune ya, Do as I do, Chop my money (Invasion album)

Zombie, Sari sari, Collabo, Bring it on, Shekini(Double trouble)

Others: Away, Alingo, Personally, Bank alert, Magical healing

Best collabos with other artistes- Bedroom (With Akon) and All the way (With 9ce)

Article by Ogefash’s Styl Media House, please no plagiarism, and if you must lift any content, please acknowledge.


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