Amidst the ongoing feud between the duo, millions of people all over the world have their music endeared to them. Fans can’t stop listening to their music despite the fact that “Peter and Paul dem be one” have now decided to become become two, with Peter Okoye bearing Mr P and Paul Okoye- Rudeboy.

So this Music Wednesday on Ogefash’s blog, these are our 6 songs from their 6 albums that we believe Psquare should have shot the videos. You can also share with us what track/tracks from any of their album you would have loved to see the video/s

The first is from the 2003- 9 track- Last nite album. PSquaredLastNiteIt would have been terrific if the duo had shot a video for the track “Last nite”. Last nite basically talked about unfaithfulness in a relationship.

The second is from the 2005- 13 track- Get squared album. 220px-Getsquared. Though most of the tracks had videos, but then one particular track didn’t, “Oga police”. Oga police basically talked about the Nigerian police and their harassment.

The third is from the 2007- 14 track- Game over. 220px-PSquareGameOver. Infact, 70% of the songs in this album came out with music videos. But then one particular track didn’t, “Stand up”. Stand up basically takes a swipe at the politicians who do nothing but deceive and lie the citizens. They therefore called on the citizens who are chanting change, to stand on their feet and start the “change” they so much desire.

The fourth is from the 2009- 14 track- Danger album. 220px-Danger-album-by-p-square About two or three videos were shot from this album, but one particular one was not picked, and that would be “Trowey”. Trowey basically talked about what the love for a woman and her body can make a man do, such as spending a lot of money on her

The fifth is from the 2011- 14 track- Invasion album. 220px-The-invasion-by-p-square Now, it is quite tough to choose a track from this album, because there were a lot of tracks that fans would have wanted to see their video, but then, we would go for “Me and my brother”. This track talked about the challenges that they faced in the music industry that almost made them run away. They also said they may not be the best, but God has still singled them out for blessing. They therefore advised others to be patient till it gets to their turn.

The sixth is from the 2014- 13 track- double trouble album. P-Square_-_Double_Trouble_cover. We would have loved to see the video for Zombie. The song basically called on people to get up and do something for themselves, rather than being lazy or depending on someone for survival. It also called on those looking for easy way of making money to get up and do the right thing, in the right way.

Also it would have been great if there were videos to their collabo with these artistes
Akon (Bedroom) and Nice (All the way)

So what track exactly would you have loved to see the video?
Drop in the comment box or on our facebook page “Ogefash’s Styl media house”

As they celebrate their birthday in few days time- Nov 18, Ogefash’s blog wishes them a happy birthday in advance and sincerely wishes that they reconcile family wise and musically.

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