One of the inhabitants of Ogbere community has come out to complain about how the power holders of Nigeria are treating them unfairly. According to her, the power holders had some weeks back leading to a month now, cut off their light because some houses in the area have refused to pay their electricity bills.

The woman when speaking to Ogefash’s Styl (OFS) Media House said mosquitoes are biting her kids, families, friends and even enemies in the area. She was saddened because of the power holders quick resolve to cut off the light of all inhabitants on the street. In her voice, she said they are suffering for the sins of others as their house is not owing electricity bills. She said most big houses on her street are the ones owing. More infuriated is that she believes that with or without the electricity supplied by power holders, the occupants of the big houses always run on generator, even when there is light.

She is of the opinion that the power holders are cruel for deciding to punish all innocent occupants with the guilty occupants when they ought to cut off the lights of those that are owing. The woman went on to say that the way the power holders handled the light issue was a clear case of “if you can not beat them, then join them”. Explaining what she meant by this, she said, their house would ensure that when other houses are not paying for electricity bills, they would join them as well, since it is obvious that they would end up cutting everybody’s light.

OFS Media House verified and found out that truly for a month, there has been total black out in the area. So many occupants of the street had a lot of bills ranging from 200,000 to 500,000 to settle and we are wondering why the electricity company allowed their bills to accumulate before taking a step.

But as at the time of filing this report, it was gathered that their official have been sent to the area, to connect lights back. Surely, Ogbere would soon be restored in no time.

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