This is the deplorable state of Community road, Pako Bus-stop. It is along that Bariga road. Dirty water keeps gushing out from the canal or God knows where. Smelling dirty water must always be on the ground; it is on default.
People have to walk inside that dirty water to get to work. People, cars, motor cycles, tricycles; all the cycles always get stuck just passing that road. The three tiers of government have obviously ignored this road despite the fact that they know the diseases stagnant water can cause.

It is no longer news that when new diseases break out, citizens are always terrified, because nobody wants to be infected. So, extreme cautions are taken by them. Meanwhile, the three tiers of government on their own part would say they would set up a committee to look into it. Now, the dangers of this current state of Community road is glaring. If the local government doesn’t want to fix the road, then the state should, and if the state government doesn’t want to fix the road, then the federal government has no choice but to fix the road, at least for the safety of the citizens.

Government should please fix this road now, rather than start looking for ways to curtail or eradicate any impending disease this road may cause. Thanks.

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