The movie “Oro Inu” was about an impoverished couple Iteoluwa (Murphy Afolabi) and Adewunmi (Mide Martins Abiodun). The couple got tired of begging people for money after Iteoluwa’s friend Ajobi, turned him down and chased him out of his house without giving him money. The couple decided to do money rituals unknown to them what it would cost them. Soon, the couple discovered that their money rituals cost them their future children. Iteoluwa therefore swore to Adewunmi never to marry another lady (it seems like men know that all women love to hear this line, it is becoming a cliché though). But Iteoluwa did not keep to this promise, and when his wife found out about this, she decided to punish him. So how did she punish her husband? click here to watch the movie and then find out…

“Iro Inu” is an action packed movie. Extremely hilarious!
One issue I have with this movie and Yoruba movies generally is that, they hardly give their casts names in the movie except for few major characters , but at the end of the movie, when you check the cast list, you would see a name, which ought not to be. For instance in this movie the only three names that I heard in the movie were Kazeem; who acted as a driver, Iteoluwa; the man that did money ritual; Shayo – Adewunmi’s friend and the herbalist- Baba Kuranga. Also, the way the movie was shot; it was hard to tell the number of days, weeks, months or years that had passed before the next scene, which shouldn’t be so. The locations are quite confusing; especially the new house(s) where the couple lived. The film is not too lengthy, about 1hour 30 minutes. The stars in the movie are Murphy Afolabi, Mide Martins Abiodun, Razaq Owokaniran, Adekunle Azeez, Adejoke Kazeem and Morenikeji Alausa

Costume wise: Just constume
Sound wise: Terrific! I love the sound effects. Though, there were few scenes that the actors voices went off. Also, some scenes, the sound was just too high.

Funny scenes

Just thinking
• I want to believe that this scene is just for the viewers to have tons of laughter, because for a true man of God, it is not realistic, and she wouldn’t go scot free for touching an anointed man of God

• When Adewunmi started telling the herbalist the reason she made her husband go mad, Iteoluwa’s mum wasn’t there, so at what point was Iteoluwa’s mother invited to join in the story and why didn’t they show it
• I am still wondering why he died, what really killed Iteoluwa, because according to the story line, the herbalist said “madness without remedy”

• Do they tell people such secret. Do people tell their parents that they did money rituals?
• I don’t understand the couple’s locations at all

Confusing scenes: Nil
Thumbs up: I love Mide Martins Abiodun acting, I think her acting was exceptional.
Overall rating for Oro Inu
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, Good Ending
• SOUND: Terrific
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• LOCATION: I don’t understand
• REMARK: This film would surely keep you glued to your seat and make you laugh all through. No boring scenes at all, it is one film people certainly need to watch.
• RATE: 8/10

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