So, are you paying for the school uniform or for the education?

The above question is for parents, guardians, custodians, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters or for anyone sponsoring a pupil’s education. I am sure you think you are paying for the education. Don’t be deceived!

So, here is the reason that I said don’t be deceived…

Most people just put their children in a school without checking the level of improvement of their children, as far as the child goes out in a school uniform in the morning and meets with his or her peers, they are perfect with that. They feel that they are fulfilling their obligation, which is, sending the child to school and also paying the school fees. They have no idea whether the child is improving or not, all they are aware of, or just wait for is the end of the term or session to pay the school fees and nothing more.

The end result of this is that you are most likely paying for the school uniform and not the education. So, after reading this article, if you find yourself guilty of paying for the school uniform and you still decide to stick with the school, I would advise you not to further waste your money, because the popular “Big Eko Market” is still open and you can buy the school uniform material and then sew the cloth for such child (you can buy a whole lot)

Now, the fee of the school has nothing to do with the above topic. A school can be expensive/cheap and still give quality education. What matters most is the capability of the people in the school. If they are not capable, there is no way your children would be capable. Most people tend to put their children in an expensive school, and immediately relax, thinking that all expensive schools give quality education. But that is not the case. An expensive school doesn’t necessarily mean high quality education and a less expensive school doesn’t necessarily mean low quality education. It is not just by having beautiful uniform, beautiful teachers, well dressed teachers, beautiful environment, beautiful classes, whiteboards, sophisticated equipment and so on, the question is, are the people employed also beautifully equipped as well, are they beautifully capable?

In essence, if they are not, your children are just paying for the school uniform.

Do they teach sounds in that school? can they correlate sounds? If your child is three years old and above and does not know the sounds A-Z, there is a problem with the school and you may need to do a change of school. Yes! How can you teach a child how to spell without making use of these sounds? Because, if a child wants to attempt spelling a word, these sounds are always helpful. When I want to rate a school, I first of all call a child from the smaller classes to recite the sound and if he or she is unable, then I conclude that the school is unable as well. So, school management should ensure that all the teachers know the sounds A-Z

In essence, if your children don’t know their sounds, then, they are just paying for the school uniform.

Your child has been in a school for a reasonable period of time and you can’t see obvious changes in the child both academically and character wise, then you should know that you are just paying for the school uniform. A school should be able to add value to a child. If a child goes to school and returns the same way, you as parents, custodians should sense it in you that there is a problem somewhere. There must be an improvement in the child, even if it is not rapid, there should be a slight difference. So, always truly ask yourself if the child is better.

In essence, if there is no improvement in your child, you are just paying for the school uniform.

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