So, from my catalogue of songs, I was looking for the music to review and then post on Ogefash’s blog for you all to see. So, I picked this particular track, but then I listened to it and watched with a divided attention, though it was on repeat. My attention was divided because I carried my niece- Araoluwa and was also doing some other things. But then, I noticed that her eyes never left the screen. For the first time, she valued the couch as all her attention was on the music and I could feel her moving her body to the song. I was glad because if this song made her not to move around the house looking for something to grab, then I would certainly keep playing it every day.

So, because of Araoluwa’s undivided attention, I decided to pause the music and then play it when I am ready to watch. But as soon as I paused it, 8 month old Araoluwa exclaimed “Ah-ah”, and I was aghast; in her baby way though. The reason behind her exclamation was this lovely tune by the one and only full-voiced singer Jedidiaah. So, quickly, I put all works aside, played and watched this sonorous track “You are” by Jedidiaa; this time with an undivided attention.
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So the lyrics goes thus….

We get one papa wey im dey always dey constant, even when we don suave, im still love us.
If you know say im deserve our praise, then join me, make we do this song together…
No b you dey fail o, no b you dey late oo, no b you dey sleep o, no b you dey slumber…
No b you dey disappoint oo, you are Jesus, you are our God
You are Jesus, he is the lamb of God
You are faithful, you are Jesus
That is who you are, the unchanging one.

No, No b you dey fail o (My father is always one time
No b you dey late o (He is watching over me)
No be you dey sleep o (He no dey sleep, he no dey slumberrrr)
No b you dey slumber (and he has never failed me yet)
No b you dey disappoint oo
Cos you are

You are Jesus, you are our God
You re Jesus. He is the lamb of God
You are saviour, you are Jesus
That is who you are, the unchanging one.

You are, you are, there is nowhere you aren’t are
You are so good, you are so kind, you are so faithful
The way you are, just the way you are Lord
You are so faithful and true

The way you are,just the way you are
You are so good and kind
The way you are, just the way you are
You are so faithful and true
Just the way you are (3x) you remain the same.
Jut the way you are (3x) you are our God
My father, my friend, my king, my saviour,
My lord, just the way you are, you are beautiful, wonderful, so perfect, so beautiful
You are God, all by your self
Just the way you are, you are wonderful, you are marvellous, you are glorious, you are god, you are king, you reign
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Duration: 4:59

Location:The wedding ground, though outdoor, was beautifully arranged in the usual wedding setting. The bride’s home before she got married was also presentable. Not too many locations were used though.

The singer made sure that there was nothing missing in the wedding ceremony, from the instrumentalists, to the food, cake; though drinks and the flower girls were missing. I am also wondering why the people below stood while eating.

Costume: Good constume

Just thinking
Their dialogue should have been clearly written out on the screen.

Beat: Good beat

Jedidiaah is a multi-talented gospel singer with hits like Akirisore. She is a graduate of the famous University that prides itself as the University of first choice- University of Lagos

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