The movie “Aburo mi (My younger sister)” portrayed the wicked lifestyle of a lady Teniola (MERCY AIGBE). She only associated with the rich people and insulted the poor ones. Teniola always crushed anyone or anything that came her way, as well as anyone that had in his or her possession what she wanted. So, it happened that her younger sister Bunmi (TEMITOPE SOLAJO) fell in love with a supposed poor man Teniola once rejected- Tunji (KEHINDE ADAMS). Teniola found out that Tunji was extremely rich. So she wanted him and went as far as killing her younger sister to get him. But Teniola didn’t want Tunji’s love neither did she want to marry him, she wanted more. Are you curious to know what she wanted… Then, go watch the movie.

The stars in the movie include Mercy Aigbe, Ibrahim Jekeen, Kehinde Adams, Jumoke George and Tunde Usman.

It is an interesting story but then with bad sound. There was no clear movie direction; it was hard to tell whether days, weeks, months or years just passed. Especially the scene where Tunji approached Teniola first and the next or two scenes after, you see him already in a close relationship with Teniola’s sister.

Costume wise
• Just costume
Sound wise
• Very poor. A lot of times, the voices of the actors went off in most scenes.
Just thinking:
• So, Teniola beat Bunmi up mercilessly ( well one can tell from the way she entered the house and pounced on her) but there was no sign that Teniola beat her up at all when she reported her to their mum.

So, Tunji is wealthy, he said he has houses in abroad but he never said what he does for a living or if the wealth was bequeathed to him. He owns heaven and earth, yes, but what does he do for a living.

I think Bunmi’s facial expression should be that of shock, not this look
Can someone tell this dude that it is 30 billion naira that Davido said in his popular song, not 30 million naira

Confusing scene(s):
Overall rating for Aburo mi
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, Just Ending (Could have been better)
• SOUND: Terrible
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• LOCATION: Beautiful (Just few locations)
• REMARK: Regardless of the discrepancies recorded, it is one film people certainly need to watch.
• RATE: 5/10

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