So what are the popular sentences you know that Nigerians make/say with the words “oya” and “sebi”, oya (LOL, I am also guilty of this) drop it in the comment box and let us get your view. Also, what words should be used in place of “Oya” and “Sebi”

The popular sentences I know are…

“Oya, come here”.
“Sebi I told you not to go to that place”.
“Oya, bring it”.
“Sebi you promised to give me your phone so I can play a game”.
“Oya sit down now”
“Sebi you said”
“Oya give me now”
“Sebi you didnt give me what I asked for the other day”

I can go on and on with sentences a typical Nigerian makes adding the phrase “Oya and Sebi”.

No doubt, the Yoruba words “Oya” and “Sebi” are currently the most used words in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. These words are not only used/spoken by people who are from Yoruba ethnic group, they are also used/spoken by people from other ethnic groups in the country as well.

So, what is the meaning of “Oya”
Means “a call to quick action”. That is you should do something immediately without wasting time. Now or quickly should be used in place of “Oya”

So, what is the meaning of Sebi
May be, “Didnt I, Didn’t you”. Like a reminder of an what you promised to do. Didn’t you or Didn’t I, should be used in place of “Sebi”

Having defined “Oya and Sebi”, so, I have wondered why most Nigerians can’t compose a sentence without making use of those phrases. The below are the reasons I feel we cant do without them…

• The environment
• People are just used to saying those words
• When people at times do not know/ have an English word for what they want to say, they just end up using an ethnic language to fill up the missing word, hence the popular use of Oya and Sebi




Born in the 80’s, Ogefash picked up writing early in her secondary school days at International School, Lagos. She took it professionally after her university days at the University of Lagos where she graduated from the Department of Mass Communication. She is a writer of several short stories some of which have been published in the magazines. Some of her popular stories are: A Night to Remember, The Special Gift, Haunted, Preparing Ahead of Time amongst others. Her novel "Looming Danger" published in December 2015, was highly recommended by people. She has worked with several media outlets some of which are Spur Magazine and Upcoming Magazine. With her love for children, she took up the task of supervising and taking care of children at the After School Department of Heritage School before her resignation. Her unique strory telling and song teaching skills endeared her more to the kids she worked with. Oge is a goal getter, a pace setter and always strives for excellence. She likes to impact and solve problems in a creative way in a challenging position. She has in-depth knowledge in reporting and editing. She is a seasoned writer and very passionate about her work. Interestingly, her blog is the first in Nigeria to start reviewing Nigerian and foreign movies and also write the plots scene by scene. Ogefash blog is also the first to give a detailed analysis about music and artistes in Nigeria and abroad. Ogefash says "I don't keep male friends because they always want to have sex with me. I don't keep female friends because they are always bitchy and envious. I only keep people I can call more than a friend!" Ogefash has an affinity for TV reality shows. In 2018, she represented Nigeria in the PanAfrican TV reality game show "The Maltavator Challenge" powered by Nigeria's number one malt drink packed full of energy giving vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6;Malta Guinness. The show brought together four African countries Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Coted'ivoire who competed for the grand prize of 20,000 dollars. Undaunted by any task in her field, Oge is highly energetic and creative. She is a rare gem and a gift to this generation.

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