Ehen! this is just a clear case of “the stone that the builder refused has now become the head corner stone”.

So, popular on air personality Murphy Ijemba who was with Brilla Fm some weeks back don port to Radio Continental, which now prides and calls itself MAX FM (102.3).

Well, una kukuma know me, I no be sport person like that, but this matter is beyond sport, this is more of management flaws.

Why is it that managements of most organisations just believe that the best way to punish a staff is either by compulsory resignation or by firing not minding the exceptional qualities the person has and puts in the organisation.

Well, such was the case of Murphy Ijemba, he was probably not fired, but then, the management of Brilla Fm without a second thought let go of a precious jewel and now the precious jewel has been picked by another.


One advice for organisations
Firing or letting go of a staff, and an exceptional one at that, shouldn’t be in the company’s rules or constitution, except the staff stole, committed murder or perhaps misrepresented the organisation negatively. Any organisation that has an habit of firing its staff never lasts long; in the short or long run always collapse.
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