The movie “Hunter’s prayer” was about an assassin- Lucas (SAM WORTHINGTON) who suddenly developed a strong connection for a teenager- Ella (ODEYA RUSH) he was sent to assassinate. Lucas was unable to kill Ella, because she reminded him so much of his teenage daughter. Lucas’s refusal to kill Ella made him be in the list of those to be assassinated as well.
The film is interesting, but based on the title, I expected more. There were some confusing scenes in the movie, especially where Lucas told Ella that he was the one that killed her family meanwhile it was Metzger.

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Costume wise
• Just costume
Sound wise
• Good
Just thinking
• I am still wondering why Lucas told Ella that he was the one that killed her family meanwhile it was Metzger

• If Metzger already handled the execution of Hatto family, why didn’t Richard just send him to finish up Ella, rather than bring in another assassin- Lucas to it, who at the end didn’t carry out the mission.
• The way Lucas spoke to Ella in most scenes was more of lovers way of speaking not father to daughter communication. So, I don’t really know if there was meant to be a father to daughter relationship or a lover’s relationship between them. Even the way he always looked at her went beyond daughter and father relationship.

• Then that bathroom Ella entered… and she ended up finding a phone there, is out of place

• They could have allowed some voiced out communication between Lucas and his family

• There were lots of scenes that needed more vocal explanations than just some mere pictures
• There was no scene where I heard Lucas’s prayer- whether silent, mumbled or voiced out prayer.
• The no of hours Ella stayed in the trunk of Lucas’s car was enormous, but she still came out with no sweat and looking animated

Confusing scene(s): When Lucas told Ella that he was the one that killed her family.
Overall rating for Hunter’s prayer
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, somewhat Ending
• SOUND: Good
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces and new faces
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• LOCATION: I don’t understand their locations; it seemed like Lucas had all the keys to all houses in the nation; no explanation on those homes he entered.
• REMARK: Regardless of the discrepancies recorded, it is one film people certainly need to watch to see the dangers of cheating others, which may not only boomerang on them alone, but their family as well.
• RATE: 6/10


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