From the title “Two sisters”, one may not be able to tell that it is a Yoruba movie but highly subtitled in English. Just like the title of the movie, it is about Ife (Bidemi Kosoko) and Funke (Folurunsho Adeola). The latter was over pampered by their mother Aduke (Bimbo Oshin) which made her misbehave constantly. Funke always wanted what Ife had and their mother rather than correct her greedy manners, encouraged her more.
“Two sisters” though is a good story written by Folurunsho Adeola who acted as Funke in the movie, yet has a lot of flaws. Infact the editing is so poor. The flashbacks were done poorly. It was an herculean task writing the plot of the movie. The sound was nothing to also write about; going on and off. The movie also ended poorly. We don’t know if the writer has a part 2 in mind. I am sure the viewers would love to know what happened to Funke. The movie has great stars like Bimbo Oshin, Bidemi Kosoko, Afeez Owo, Folorunsho Adeola and other beautiful actors. The movie is about 73 minutes, not too long. Poor arrangement of scenes. The movie director used few characters and locations.

Costume wise
• Just costume
Sound wise
• Very poor. A lot of times, the voices of the actors went off in some scenes.
Just thinking:
• I am wondering why the writer

didn’t write a scene to show that Aduke has a fault in parenting. She over pampered the child hence the reason she became irresponsible. If she had corrected her wrong doings, Funke would have been a good child. Instead she allowed them. She didn’t caution Funke but always cautioned Ife. At the end, she is truly a bad woman she feared people may call her.
• This scene was just the perfect time to caution her, but instead she kept on encouraging her. She was ignoring her wrong attitudes and to her, she is taking care of her and letting her have everything so that people wont say she is bad. I think this scene is unrealistic.

• It was annoying that nothing was said about Aduke’s husband. Whether he died or he traveled?, we don’t know. Afterall, he is the father of the two girls.

• Nothing was said again about Ife, infact, in the last 48 minutes of the film, Bidemi Kosoko was missing in action. We only saw her in the first 28 minutes of the film, they did not even show her in the hospital. This was her last scene, infact we only saw her in flashbacks, which is quite poor; a major actor.

• That their uncle, we don’t know what he does for a living, he was just Aduke’s ATM, even Aduke claimed to have a business, but we don’t know what business she was doing, she was always indoors.

• It would have been nice if there were scenes of their growing up.
• It was really nice seeing Afeez Owo in a different role

Confusing scene(s):
Overall rating for Two Sisters
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Shaky Middle, Bad Ending
• SOUND: Terrible
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces
• SCREEN PLAY: Good (Not properly utilized)
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• LOCATION: Beautiful (Just few locations)
• REMARK: Regardless of the discrepancies recorded, it is one film people certainly need to watch to see the dangers of giving preferential treatment to one child.
• RATE: 4/10

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