Hi inestimable followers, you can now adjust the incessant notifications you get from Ogefash’s blog. You can either select the daily option (a-one time email notification with a list of our daily posts) or the weeklY option (a- one time weekly email notification with a list of all our posts for the week) etc. To make changes, simply click the link- https://wordpress.com/following/manage

We love you and your joy is our topmost priority. Have a beautiful week ahead.

Read the original message from WordPress here…

If your follower would like to adjust the notifications for your site, they can do it from this link: https://wordpress.com/following/manage
There, they will see the list of all sites that they follow and they will
have a chance to select of they want to receive the notifications from you
on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This is how the settings will look

As for receiving the list of all your posts, your follower can select to receive a notification weekly or monthly and all your posts will be included in that email.
I am afraid only your subscribers can adjust these settings. You or we can not make these changes on their behalf.


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