Oooooh, this rechargeable don spoil again? mtchw! nawa oh

We know that some people use their rechargeable torch lights for just one day, while some for one month and others for one year after which they stop working.

Often times, when you visit or come across some people with their rechargeable torch lights still effective, and they tell you that they have been using it for over a year while you have just used yours for a day and it packed up,you get stunned and wonder what magic they are applying to make theirs last longer.

Well, it's no magic, no voodoos. If you can do these five simple things, I can assure you that you that you would be the one pleading with your torchlight to stop working.

1. Do not plug and unplug it frequently
2. Again, do not plug and unplug it. As a matter of fact, never unplug it, just always switch off the socket when the light goes off or when it is fully charged. In essence, have a permanent position for charging it. But it must be a place that captures a substantial part of the room when you switch it on.
The lesser you unplug from the socket, the stronger the plugs get and the more they last.

3. After creating a permanent space for it, do not over charge it. All you need to do is just to either switch it on or off from the socket when it is fully charged.
4. Make sure it doesn’t fall always, one fall, two falls, three falls- that may be the end of your torch light.

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