Do you have an Hausa friend or customer, and you feel like surprising them by speaking their language? Ogefash’s blog has got you covered. Put down a word, and we will translate it in Hausa for you. Today’s words…

ENG: The. HAUSA: Da. /ENG: Days. HAUSA: Kwanaki. /
ENG: Of. HAUSA: Na. /ENG: The. HAUSA: Da. /
ENG: WEEK. HAUSA: Mako. /ENG: Are. HAUSA: Ne. /
ENG: Include. HAUSA: Hada da.

ENG: The days of the week include
HAUSA: Da kwanakin mako hada da

ENG: Sunday. HAUSA: Lahadi./ ENG: Monday. HAUSA: Litinin./
ENG: Tuesday. HAUSA: Talata./ ENG: Wednesday. HAUSA: Laraba./
ENG: Thursday. HAUSA: Alhamis./ ENG: Friday. HAUSA: Jumma’a./
ENG: Saturday. HAUSA: Asabar./

ENG: Thank God it is friday.
HAUSA: Gode Allah shi ne Jumma’a.

ENG: Thank. HAUSA: Gode /ENG: GOD. HAUSA: Allah. /
ENG: Thank God. HAUSA: Gode Allah
ENG: It. HAUSA: Shi /ENG: Is. HAUSA: Ne. /ENG: Friday. HAUSA: Jumma’a

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