The movie ‘A deadly affair’ portrayed the lives of two different couples; ‘Charlie and Mary’ (ALAN POWELL and AUSTIN HIGHSMITH)and Trevor and Susan’ (LUKE EDWARDS and VALERIE AZLYNN. They were neighbours and best of friends as well. Charlie died and Mary his wife is suspected to be the killer. It is a well scripted movie for those guys and ladies that love to play with the emotions of others or for those that love to have a bite of what they can’t finish or what doesn’t belong to them.

If you watched the movie ‘Nanny Seduction’ which has already been reviewed on Ogefash’s blog, you would agree that the faces of the characters are familiar and are the same faces in the movie ‘Nanny seduction’. The location is also the same. The movie is thrilling and suspense filled but may not be suspense filled for people that have watched ‘Nanny Seduction’. If you can recall in Nanny Seduction, the nanny- Alyssa (VALERIE AZLYNN) was an evil one, so seeing her again in the movie ‘A deadly affair’, one could decipher who the killer would be.

Just like Nanny Seduction, the movie ‘A deadly affair’ doesn’t make use of many characters but the few characters interpreted their roles well. The film was not too lengthy and has no boring scenes.
Costume wise: Good
Sound wise: Good
Just thinking:
• It was quite obvious that Mary would not die, we know that major actors don’t die in movies but I think Susan’s lengthy talk with her at the last scene was totally uncalled for. It was obvious that they just did not know what to door the scene to add; they were obviously waiting for the detective and crystal to come save Mary, that part was not realistic.
• Why exactly did Susan take the ring, was it really necessary. After murdering someone, you decided to take his ring, as in y?
• How did Trevor discover that his wife was behind Charlie’s death how did he get the ring. There were so many important scenes that ought to be slotted in the movie but I didn’t see them.
• I don’t know why Crystal would think that Mary committed the murder herself when they were together at the time Charlie was killed
• I am wondering why they didn’t give preference to Mary’s speech at Charlie’s funeral service. Why should Crystal’s speech be more important than that of Mary the wife who is already seen as a suspect
• I thought I heard Trevor call Mary another name, something like Sarah
• Something tells me that Austin high smith just decided not to wear a bra when she went to visit Cassandra James.
Confusing scenes: Nil
Thumbs up:
Overall rating for A Deadly Affair
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, Just Ending
• SOUND: Good
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces
• SCREEN PLAY: Good (Just ending)
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• REMARK: Despite few discrepancies, it is one film people certainly need to watch.
• RATE: 7/10


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