So, are you looking for that Yoruba movie that doesn’t glorify a herbalist at the end of the movie? then you certainly need to watch the movie “AANU”.
A beautiful young lady- Esther (Bukola Awoyemi) keeps herself chaste till marriage but she is unable to have a child of her own despite marrying as a virgin. Anytime she comes across her friends with their kids she is always unhappy about her situation and questions God for giving her wayward friends kids and refusing to bless her who lived a holy life with a child. Little did Esther know that the Lord visits the iniquity of the fathers upon the sons to the third and fourth generation.
She is tempted to give up on God. Her husband- Kayode (Lekan Olatunji) pleads with her that they should find another alternative. Esther is not ready to give up on God. The movie is very interesting, but too lengthy. There were just some unnecessary scenes.
The film stars Yinka Quandri, Segun Ogungbe, Bukola Awoyemi, Lekan Olatunji, Wunmi Ajiboye, Owolabi Ajasa, Bolaji Amusan- who as usual made the film funny and interesting to watch.

This movie is probably the first movie I would see Yinka Quadri act as a christian and call the name Jesus christ.

One issue I have with this movie and Yoruba movies generally is that, they hardly give their casts names in the movie except for few major characters , but at the end of the movie, when you check the cast list, you would see a name, which ought not to be.

Costume wise: Eyes rolling
Sound wise: Good
Just thinking:
• I am wondering why the writer of the film decided to write the film in favor of those that do commit abortion. I mean out of all the ladies that committed abortion in the film, none of them suffered; there should have been a scene where one of them faced the consequences. Abortions is not good na!
• I am also wondering how Esther and the other lady (no name was given to her in the movie) suddenly became close. Because in the first scene, she was not close to anyone in particular, Bimbo was her roommate and for that, she was closer to her than other ladies; so I wonder how they suddenly became close after school.

Also, we don’t know if she was married or had kids, she was just always sticking around Esther, I think the director just wanted her to be in the movie but not for a particular purpose but basically for purposes known to him.
• I wonder if that her friend gave her life to Christ, there should have been a particular dialogue or a scene to show that she already gave her life to Christ.
• I thought I saw Abimbola’s friend laughing when she was consoling her after going for an abortion.

• You see that Abimbola’s boyfriend’s trouser- Banji- ‘odikwa egwu’

• How can room mate wey we dey pay the same rent say make I no enter the room else she go kill me; well that scene doesn’t look realistic to me.
• I know Esther got to heal the rich man, but I couldn’t just connect their link together. How did she meet the man? why did she go to his house that day?
• They just didn’t connect the flashback well
• Wondering though if what the ‘alagba’ did is actually biblical

Confusing scenes: Nil
That scene where the lady with no name told Esther that she used to warn Abimbola about abortions, meanwhile that’s not true, as a matter of fact, she was even encouraging her.

Thumbs up:
Overall rating for Aanu (Mercy)
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, shaky Middle, Good Ending
• SOUND: Good
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces
• SCREEN PLAY: Good (shaky middle)
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• REMARK: Despite few discrepancies, it is one film people certainly need to watch.
• RATE: 8/10

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