So, many people have been asking, so why did peter share the video of his fight with his brothers, these are probably the reasons…

1. He is tired of you, not you, but yes ‘you’ saying it is a publicity stunt.
2. He is just tired of hearing Nigerians say ‘it’s a publcity stunt’. I dont really know why people feel that anytime they have any disagreement, it is a publicity stunt. Because the truth is that brothers really do fight but then reconcile later.
3. He is tired of hearing “you are the dancer’ and i am the singer. Peter sings also, so wetin be una wahala self?

4. He is probably tired of the group ‘Psquare’. The truth is no matter how close you are to people, at times you just want to do stuffs on your own. So, I guess he has always wanted to have a solo career but without breaking from the group, but overtime, he realized it was difficult to own a solo career and still remain in the group.
5.He just doesn’t want Jude Okoye near him (oops! did I say that, well I think so.)

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