And so, I finally watched the video that went viral on the disagreement between Peter and Paul Okoye popularly known as Psquare as well as their elder brother Jude Okoye, and I was indeed engulfed with fear. This fight goes beyond Psquare still standing as a group, it is more of two brothers of the same mother and father not keeping malice with eachother; that is still united as a family. No one really knows the cause of the disagreement, rumour has it that, this and that…
Now, don’t get it twisted, brothers, sisters, relatives do fight, but they reconcile later. The group Psquare has had its numerous disagreements over the years and have reconciled over time. But watching this video, I understood more what people usually call ‘irreconcilable differences’. I hope this is not where this their disagreement is going to sha

“And some one go still open mouth call this fight- celebrity stunt, especially if dem reconcile- nawa 4 Nigerians sha. Make I even ask una, if you fight with person, u no dey settle am ni?”

Anyway, on this note, I sincerely call on genuine fans not to only pray that the Psquare group stay together, but also pray that Psquare and family still remain united.
Abeg, I no wan see Danger like una sing for ‘Danger 2009 Album’, wetin I wan see na “Me and my brother like una sing for ‘Invasion 2011 Album’

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