The movie portrayed the life of the son of a wealthy woman who refused to love any other lady deeply because of his secret affection for an unknown lady who turned out to be his mother. Well I like the story line, but I think it could have been better. Don’t get it twisted, it is a nice story, but the writer didn’t just explore the possible thrills in the movie. The movie was ‘just movie’ nothing exceptional about it, like I said, if they had explored that story well, it would have been more intriguing to watch. I mean, if the late bode has been roaming around since his death, there could some form of ghost chills. From the plot, we learnt that he entered his son- there should be days that he said thesame words Bode used to say before his death, aside the fact that he kept saying he loves a lady. The movie starred Bimbo oshin, Yewande Adekoya, Babatunde Bernard, Rasaq Owooniran and many others. Of course, Bimbo Oshin as usual was up on her job. She was an exceptional actor; she really interpreted the movie well. I also love Tope Solaja’s acting. Of course, when mentioning skilled actresses, you can’t take that away from Yewande Adekoya. Well al the actors acted well, but for me, I think Bimbo Oshin helped to bring the movie to life. The film is fairly long, about 82minutes.
Costume wise
• Just costume
Sound wise
• Still thinking
Just thinking
• Folawe’s mum is quick to react when she heard that Yetunde was in bed with another man and seemed okay when the son threw her out, but she has forgotten the days the lady complained that his son has not been sleeping with her. Also the days that he was sleeping around with prostitutes. Infact the script is wobby. So, is the film indirectly saying men are allowed to flirt?
• I am wondering why Folawe’s mum asked Yetunde to drive when it was obvious that her son just hurt her emotionally
• The film is just to one direction, I don’t know if Folawe is working or it is his mummy that is giving him money. If it is the latter, then he must be a lazy spouse. I mean the guy does nothing but just to eat his mummy’s food and sleep around with girls. He even said he can’t go out if his mummy is around. Is that life?
• Then that green nail polish on Folawe’s mum was the same one she carried before Folawe was born. Common, I mean, you could have been creative about it. Like visiting a fashion shop and pretend you just finished re-painting your nail with the same colour. In that way, viewers would thing you love that same colour of nail polish. Though she later changed it to red, but the mistake was already registered from the first scene.
• I don’t believe everybody should make the sign of cross, and if you must do, do it the right way@ Folawe.
• Then I don’t know whether is the graphic artist that typed wrongly or the movie writer gave him the wrong cast. Now, please, you all should watch the movie to the end and check if the name given to the actors in the movie tally with what you are seeing. I mean how can someone you called Yetunde in a film, suddenly become omolara in the graphics.
Confusing scene(s)
I don’t know whether he married Yetunde or not because at times, you would hear your wwife, then later something else. Really do not know if they were legally married.
Thumbs up
Overall rating for WURA
• STRUCTURE: Average Beginning, Average Middle, Good Ending (Was not explored; kind of wobbly)
• SOUND: Average
• DIALOGUE: Good- can be better
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces
• SCREEN PLAY: Good (But was not explored)
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• LOCATION: Beautiful locations.
• REMARK: I recommend this movie despite few mistakes. With this movie, one would know that words spoken are immediately carried by air and are always difficult to retrieve. So, viewers would be encourages to select their words properly before voicing them out.
• RATE: 7/10

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