From the title of the movie ‘My daughter is missing’, it would be quite easy to decipher the plot of the film, even if you do not know how it would end. The movie like the ‘title’ is about the daughter and friend of a one-time hacker that were kidnapped in a popular club known for human trafficking. The film made use of few characters and new faces as well who played their roles well. I love the synergy between Sara and her daughter- Karissa, it would definitely make one long for a closeness with his or her mum or child.
The film was quite interesting and I believe after watching it, people especially ladies would be careful when selecting where to club and if they eventually get to club, they would know that they are not to accept any opened drink from anyone because there is a probability that it must have been drugged.
I feel there could have been a better title than what the director settled for. There are some obvious hitches in the movie and I am wondering if the entire crew are new in movie production. Also, from the direction of the movie, it seemed to me that Dragan kidnapped girls every night in the club. So does this mean that all the girls and guys in the club have never noticed girls getting drowsy in Dragan’s hands and then him taking them into the vehicle, or perhaps they are all involved in the shady deeds? So, if they are all shady, how does he now get new people to kidnap? Okay may be through online dating and then he tells the victim to meet him in Haven club. To make matters worse is even where Dragan throws their items; in the bin outside the club where it is pretty obvious for the authorities to know that something fishy is going on in the club. And, really, anytime he looks at the security footage after committing a crime, I wonder why he does that.
Costume wise: Just costume
Sound wise: Superb
Just thinking:
How did Alek get Dragan’s phone, I mean, I was surprised when he brought out Dragan’s phone and handed it to Sara. How now?
Now, like I mentioned earlier, I didn’t really like the way the film ended. I mean, why should a film like that be ended without letting the viewers’ know what happened to the Haven club, the club owners and the staff in the club. There should have been a scene that showed that they were arrested and the club was locked down. To me, I think it was only Stefan that was arrested, when they have enough evidence against the club and its owner. At least, if that scene was shot, club owners would get to know what they would face anytime they get involved in such act. The way the film ended, they made it seem like the club owners were free of crime.
I keep wondering what Alek was doing in the station where he was fired. He was there to see no one in particular but just moping around; in an office where he was fired.
It’s quite unrealistic that one guy who is always in the same outfit keeps kidnapping girls every night in the same club and no one is suspicious of his moves in the club.
I kept wondering why Dragan always looked at the camera after committing a crime
Where Dragan threw the bags of the ladies he kidnapped was unrealistic
Confusing scenes: Nil
Thumbs up:
Overall rating for My daughter is missing
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, Fair Ending (Could be better)
• SOUND: Good
• CHARACTERS: So many new faces
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• REMARK: Despite few discrepancies, it is one film people certainly need to watch.
• RATE: 7/10

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