Let me give you four reasons you hurriedly need to go watch this movie. 1. You are married 2. You are single. 3. You are thinking of not getting married. 4. You want to learn how to be patient and how to run a good home. The movie ‘Nanny seduction portrayed the life of Alyssa (Valerie Azlynn) who took up the job of a nanny at the Turling’s residence in order to seduce Ben Turling, Kara’s husband after their one night affair some time ago. Meanwhile, the marriage between Kara and Ben faced some challenges some time ago which almost disengaged their union. Ben Turling is trying to gain the trust of his wife- Kara Turling back after being unfaithful to her some time ago. The movie doesn’t make use of many characters but the few characters interpreted their roles well. The movie starred Wes Brown, Austin High Smith, Valerie Azlynn, J Teddy garces and many others. The characters were interesting to watch. The film was fairly long but with no boring scenes.
The film though interesting, got me thinking while Riley was not put in a school but rather left in the care of a nanny from morning till night or till when her parents return. The only time she went out was either to the playing ground or an outing with her parents. I am sincerely trying to figure out if that woman in the first scene is Ben’s mother. Then that moment when Ben lifted Alyssa’s box after he fired her, that box was obviously empty, I think he could have carried it in a way that would look like there is something in the box. Moreover, I didn’t notice her resume with a box the other day, so I am wondering where the box came from.
Costume wise: Just costume
Sound wise: Superb
Just thinking:
• I am wondering how a full time worker like Vanessa created time to do a full time snooping around on the Turling’s residence.
• Alyssa picked Riley up at midnight or in the early hours of the morning, so I am wondering why the next scene on Alyssa and Riley still showed them on the driveway; did she stop by somewhere. By my calculation, they should have gotten to Alyssa’s house. I want to believe that Alyssa’s house is not too far away from the Turling’s residence because the last scene where Ben and Kara went to Alyssa’s house, it seemed they got there almost immediately.
• I don’t understand, Ben said it was only one night he and Alyssa had and he was drunk and did not know what he said to her. But later Ben said Alyssa used to (used to- as in frequently) talk about her family house- which made it look like they were acquainted. It looked like it was more than a night affair. If he said they had one night, how did he so much know about Alyssa’s family house? I think the writer just chose a convenient way to locate Alyssa because I really can’t remember the part Alyssa gave Ben her address.
• We were not told who tampered with the gas, but I guess it was Riley. So, why didn’t they reveal her face? If it was Vanessa’s mother, I would say it’s okay to conceal her identity; that’s part of the suspense in the movie. But at the end of the film, the viewers were not told who turned up the gas.
• There was this distant connection between the husband and the wife, even after they agreed to forget the past and move on. I couldn’t feel the husband and wife synergy. Kara to me was more concerned and was more aware of Riley than Ben
• Was Kara the only one that went to adopt Riley or was it Ben alone or the both of them? Riley is closer to Ben than Kara. Kara seems to be the only one in contact with the adoption agency.
• I tried finding out if she had any issue with giving birth because it seemed to me that she doesn’t want to have a child of her own aside adopting.
Confusing scenes: Nil
Thumbs up: I just love that little Riley (Lauren Gobuzzi). She acted in an exceptional way. She is one child to look out for in the future.
Overall rating for Nanny seduction
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, Good Ending (Intriguing)
• SOUND: Good
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• REMARK: Despite few discrepancies, it is one film people certainly need to watch.
• RATE: 8/10

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