You can’t help but be eager to know what would happen next in this exceptional movie ‘Diamond ring’. The movie is about a university fresher who joined a cult group and underwent their series of test. His last test led to the doom of the cult as well as the cultist. This movie is out of the world. A horror genre though. It is one film parents constantly need to be playing for their kids before they say their goodbyes as they are leaving for the university. I think we need more of this film. Every part of the film was interesting and superb. It was more like the actors were not aware of the camera, their acting was spotless. All the actors interpreted their roles well and made the film interesting to watch. The lead actor Chidi (OLATEJU) was just exceptional, from the point he always screamed of headache, to the point he wore a very sick look. The scenes were self-explanatory.
Costume wise
• Just costume
Sound wise
• Good
Just thinking
Confusing scene(s)
Thumbs up
Overall rating for Diamond Ring
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, good Ending
• SOUND: Good
• DIALOGUE: Extremely Flawless flow
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• LOCATION: Beautiful locations. The perfect one for that kind of film.
• REMARK: It would keep you glued to the edge of your sit because you would be eager to see what would happen in the next scene and how it would end. It is thrilling.
• RATE: 8/10


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