The movie ‘Tamara’ portrayed the submissive nature of a female marriage counsellor Tamara (Yewande Adekoya) to her cheating husband Ade Muyiwa Ademola). The lead female character Tamara (Yewande) really portrayed the character of a submissive woman well and was consistent in playing the role. The characters interpreted their roles effectively. The film is not too lengthy but very predictable; though I am sure the writer wanted it to be like that.

Costume wise
• I think the movie could have done better, especially on the part of the male characters. Like the male lead character Ade (Muyiwa Ademola), who just stuck to one foot wear all through the duration of the movie, okay to be fair, may be two; the bedroom slippers. Okay, just remembered he put on shoe in the last scene; so three foot wears. Not too bad. And I kept on wondering if that his hair is rough curl or his comb got missing, would opt for former. And that his black trouser really worked for him all through the duration of the movie. Ade’s girlfriend could have maintained a particular look, because chaning looks within short intervals would make it difficult for the external audience to figure the person out, and this may also confuse them.

Sound wise
• At the filling station, I don’t know why the sound suddenly increased, though it decreased later. But that overshadowed the voice of the actors which is not too good. I love the tunes used on the scenes where Ade slapped Tamara, when Tamara had an accident, when she saw her sister’s picture in Ade’s folder, when she pointed the gun at Ade and when Ade’s real wife- Tope told Ade that Tamara stopped by at the house- the tunes connected with the scenes

Just thinking:
• I don’t why Nigerian movies are fond of showing roads only when an accident wants to occur, (not all sha, but some) it is becoming a ‘cliché’. That literally happened when Tamara heard about the accident of her younger sister, and she hit the road, it was quite predictable that an accident was inevitable.
• Tamara’s sister- Solape claimed to have researched on Ade and knows all his secrets, one would have taught that after uncovering Ade’s secret, Solape would be the smartest, but that was not the case. Guess that’s where the twist in the plot occurred, because one would have thought that Solape would be the one to deal with Ade

Confusing scene(s):
• In the last scene, Ade accused his wife Tamara of leaving their place to Lagos to meet his ex- Tope, and I am wondering what state were they living in, because as far as I am concerned both Tope and Tamara live in Lagos. Even when his secret had been exposed, he took a flight back to Lagos to meet his wife. I think the editor should have yanked that place off.

Overall rating for Tamara
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, Good Ending (With No Suspense)
• SOUND: Could be better
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces; no new faces
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• LOCATION: Average
• REMARK: Regardless the few discrepancies, it is one film people certainly need to watch.
• RATE: 7/10

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