In the movie ‘Iboju’, a new act Taiye with the help of the spectacle is able to tell calamities that would befall in the future or that has happened in the past. He said all he saw whether negative or positive to the people affected. The lead actor Taiwo was really an interesting character to watch, and he really interpreted his role in an amazing way. I want to believe that he acted basically from pure imaginations and he was perfect at it. You can imagine describing something you are not seeing; that is more of improvising. Well some scenes would surely crack your ribs, like where the prophet was looking at Taiye and making jest of his spectacle. All the actors interpreted their roles very well. The film was fairly long and because of the comic style of acting employed in the movie, it is capable to keep you glued to your seat. For some scenes, it was hard to tell whether it was days, months, years that had passed since the last time a given character had been on screen. The scene where Kehinde was killed will surely crack your cribs, you would ask yourself if people truly are always rude even at the point of death.

Costume wise
• Just costume- nothing spectacular. The costume could have been better, they were all looking not too exceptional, there should have been some kind of light make up to make their faces brighter to watch on the screen.

Sound wise
• I loved the effect when Taiye first put on the spectacle.

Just thinking
• An enthralling film that one would have thought that the writer of the film would have explored the story in different angles. There could have been various plot twists; may be the glass getting stolen. In that way, the viewers would be kept in suspense and agitating for what would happen next. Well, let’s give the writer the benefit of the doubt, maybe he or she is still cooking up something.
• Why would the boss of that company (ODUNLADE) claim to know Taiye very well. Meanwhile, he met him once and did not even pay attention to him.
• Taiye did not hide the source of his vision; he made it obvious for people to know that the spectacle was behind what he was seeing. With that, it is nearly impossible not to have enemies who want to forcefully collect the spectacle, but there was no scene that emphasized that.
Confusing scene(s)
• It is odd that when Taiye saw that the extension was going to shock his sister if she stepped on it, he took it away. So, I am wondering if the spectacle protects him from being harmed as well, because I know the spectacle made him see events before they happened.
Thumbs up

Overall rating for Iboju
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, Good Ending (Such story line could be explored)
• SOUND: Could be better
• DIALOGUE: Flawless flow
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces and some new faces
• SCREEN PLAY: Good(Such story line could be explored)
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• LOCATION: Good locations.
• REMARK: Regardless the few discrepancies, it is one interesting film people certainly need to watch.
• RATE: 7/10

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