Folakemi packaging is another film by bravura film maker and actress Ifedayo Rufai. The lead actor ‘Folake’ which was acted by the writer of the movie lived a wayward life. She was the only child of her semi-rich parents and was never contented with what her parents gave her despite the effort made to satisfy her. Her mum tolerated her wayward, covetous and greedy style of living. Folake continued with her act even after school till she betrayed her bosom friend/roommate (Liz Anjorin). With some voodoos she temporarily spoils her friends happiness, snatches her husband with some voodoos, It is one movie you should settle to watch this weekend as it brought together great and skilled actors such as Odunlade Adekola, Lola Idije, Latin, Orisajobi Dolapo, Liz Anjorin, and Ifedayo Rufai herself. The actors put up exceptional acting. There was smooth transmission in the dialogue. The film was in two parts, so it was quite lengthy but with no boring scenes. A lengthy movie, long enough to keep you glued to your seat and anxious to watch what would happen next. Though, for some series of scenes, it was hard to tell if it was day, noon, night, the next day, months or years later except in their dialogue as there were hardly night scenes. Every part of the film was interesting, conversational and superb. The scenes were self-explanatory as both their gestures and mouth did the acting.

Costume wise
• Nice costume. For the make-up, at some point, I just felt it was extremely loud

Sound wise
• Good. But during one of the flashback scenes, where Wale was talking to Folake after he discovered her wayword life; it was cracking

Just thinking
• There is no continuity, we don’t know if Shina’s dad sent him the ten million naira he requested for or not.
• We don’t know what happened to the child Folakemi had for shina after she went bizzare.
• Where Folake kept that calabash was not just realistic; on a travelling box. I mean it was just out of it. Even, evil doers hardly kept their charm on the wardrobe not to talk of on the travelling box. Then, to make matters worse, the calabash was empty.
• I think the flashback on that scene where Folake imagined being the wife of Shina, the son of a top senator should have come before her desire to use voodoos on him.

Confusing scene(s)
• That last, Folakemi was trying to hurry Shina up so they could leave where they were staying, meanwhile, no one knew where they were though they knew they were in Abuja.

Thumbs up
Overall rating for Folakemi Packaging
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, Good Ending
• SOUND: Could be better
• DIALOGUE: Flawless flow
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• LOCATION: Beautiful locations. The perfect one for that kind of film.
REMARK: It would keep you glued to the edge of your sit because you would be eager to see what would happen in the next scene and how it would end. It is thrilling.

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