The movie ‘Brother’s Keeper portrayed the life of duo twins (Adult twin- Majid Michael and child twin- Tobe Oboli), but one of the Adult and child twin died. The film was acted by both Nigerians and Ghanaians. The characters I would say put up good acting skills. The characters interpreted their roles effectively. They made the film easy to understand. The film was quite lengthy but with no boring scenes. You actually have to dedicate two hours of your time watching it.
Though there was a twist in the plot where the female lead actor Mena (OMONI OBOLI), just over cried at the burial of her supposedly late husband’s twin; one would actually think that it was her husband that died.

Costume wise- Good

Sound wise-
Fantastic! Kudos to the brain(s) behind the sound.

Just thinking
• There should have been more tangible clips showing the lifestyle of the supposed adult twin that died, except in two scenes, the first being when the twin was shot and the other was where both of them were talking in the car. Though, they tried to look different in the style of hair but there was no consistency.

Confusing scene(s)
The scene where the twin (chid) Daniel (Tobe Oboli), entered the kitchen to greet his parents; but, he greeted his mum and shunned his daddy. His mother then asked him if he saw his daddy and he said no. Meanwhile, he passed where his dad stood to get to his mum.
That scene where Mena was crying, I actually got confused, I thought it was her husband that died, that cry to me was over acted especially based on the fact that there was no scene showing any of her close relationship with the supposed late twin.

Thumbs up
Little Daniel (Tobe oboli) is a very good actor, he is one child actor to look out for in the future.

Overall rating for Brother’s Keeper
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, Good Ending (Tricky Suspense)
• SOUND: Could be better
• DIALOGUE: Impressive
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces; no new faces that I am aware of, except for the maid
• SHOTS: Medium shots
• REMARK: Regardless the few discrepancies, it is one film people certainly need to watch. You are sure to be glued to your seat, with so much anxiety to know what would happen next.
• RATE: 7/10

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