This is another rib cracking movie from the stables of Onye Eze production. This movie ’30 minutes in hell’ would surely make you laugh till you possibly fall off the chair; just make sure you don’t crack your ankles. Like the part where he told the tricycle driver that he is the one that is dead and he is going to where they would bury him and not the other way round. Infact every part of the movie was funny to the point where dead Ude wanted to go pick another coffin for himself, he was even selective. The lead actor Ude (CLEMS OHAMEZE) really made it interesting to watch. He was hilarious to watch. He really interpreted his role well. He spoke both Igbo and English. He made the film funny and interesting to watch; likewise other actors interpreted their roles well.
In the movie, a wealthy man- Ude died and did not want to let go of his property because of how he suffered to make the money. Ude was killed but the film did not clarify who killed him, whether it was his wife or his brothers because they all claimed to kill him, so which one worked first. The late Ude kept on saying he suffered to make his wealth, but there was no single scene showing the kind of life he lived before his death. Well, all the actors interpreted their roles very well. A horror movie, but comic filled. It was extremely long but it would surely keep you glued to your seat. For a number of scenes, it was hard to tell whether it was days, months, years that had passed since the last time a given character had been on screen. It is impossible to look away from your screen when viewing this film. You would be curious to know what would happen in the next scene.
Costume wise
• Good- made it appealing to watch.
Sound wise
• Well a good sound track especially when the dead Ude woke up from the dead; from the beat, one could tell there was danger.
Just thinking
• Ude should have made the film more action packed, if he had dozens of canes, why just stick to one.
• One major issue was that we didn’t get to know who really killed him between his wife and his brothers because it seemed like they both wanted to kill him. They could have made us know his position in the family, we don’t even know the kind of death he died, and we don’t know the kind of life he lived that made him go to hell.
• The lead actor spoke Igbo often, it should have been translated in English for the audience for better understanding.
Confusing scene(s)
• Dead Ude in a conversation with the herbalist said the herbalist and his brothers sent him to hell. His wife told his brother Daniel and her friend that she was the one who killed him, so who is the killer?
• The whole essence of Ude boarding a tricycle was defeated because one would wonder if he could disappear with his power, then why did he bother boarding them; I think they wanted the audience to laugh, but then I don’t think a ghost would go round the road in cotton wool.
• Then I am wondering, was it that he only had the power to disappear and not to harm, because when he was asking God for 30minutes I didn’t really get what the 30minutes was for, since he had been appearing and disappearing from the beginning to the end of the film.
• I thought the gateman was newly employed, so how did he know the late Ude so well.
Thumbs up
• I am wondering how many times they would have laughed and reshot the ghost parts during production, because even the cast are bound to laugh while performing; it is inevitable.
Overall rating for 30 minutes in hell
• STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Good Middle, Good Ending (Extremely hilarious)
• SOUND: Good
• DIALOGUE: Superb
• CHARACTERS: Familiar faces and some new faces
• SCREEN PLAY: Good(Hilarious)
• SHOTS: Bright shots
• LOCATION: Good location. The perfect one for that kind of film.
• REMARK: Regardless the few discrepancies, it is one film people certainly need to watch. You would surely not want to miss any bit of action. Because every second missed is like the whole movie missed. It sure would keep you glued to your seat.
• RATE: 7/10

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