YEAR: 2016

This movie is comic and it is about a popular and hardworking courier who wants to settle down with his fiancé- Nana but he is unable to because of the financial constraint. Nana’s mummy doesn’t really think high of Mali even though Mali believes in himself and the job he is doing. He is one of the most used couriers in his place of work- Super Xpress because he is fast and efficient. One day his boss sends him to deliver a package to one of their A-list customers, Mali reluctantly accepts the offer because of the bonus his boss attached to it. On getting to the place of delivery, Mali gets caught up in an already existing fight between two people. Would he live to tell the story? Find out in the plot.

At the museum of Marseille, some group of people are gathered together watching a football match in extreme excitement. Meanwhile, an intruder Gary (DAVID BELLE) breaks into the museum and carts away a cat statute relic worth 30 million Euros, exhibited at the museum in Marseille, France. The museum’s personnel soon find out that there is something amiss and that the system has been hacked, so they sound the alarm and chase after the intruder. Maggie (Song Ji-hyo) the head of security chases after Gary the intruder, he catches him and engages in a combat with Gary, but he overpowers her and keeps running. Maggie gives Gary a hot chase but he escapes and she is infuriated. Gary is still on the run. He is in the market and the police officers are also in the market looking for him. He sees a wealthy man Sanbiao (XIAO YANG) buying a lot of cat statutes, so he stylishly puts the original cat statute relic with them so he can purchase it as well.

A courier- Mali (Chen He) who works for Super Express is seen speeding on his motorbike to deliver a package. He notices another biker who sticks his gum on an elderly woman’s side mirror; he retrieves it from her side mirror, speeds up to the other biker and places it on his helmet. Mali returns to the office and his boss Lao Qian (TAI CHI- YUAN) again sends him to deliver another package within 5minutes-40 seconds. The secretary tells Mali that if he doesn’t deliver the package on time, he won’t get a bonus and he would also be penalized. Mali quickly hits the road with the package. Seeing how thick the traffic is, he looks for a way to beat it in order to meet the time being given to him at the office. He tells the secretary that if he manages to beat the heavy traffic, he is going on vacation. But instead, his boss replies him that if he fails to deliver at the stipulated time, he is permitted to take a permanent leave. Mali manages to deliver the package at the exact time after speeding his way to the place.

After delivering the package, Mali visits his fiancé’s house Nana (Li-Yuan). He meets his future mother in law (HE SAIFEI). Mali tells Nana how extraordinary he was at work. Mali meets Nana’s mother and some other people playing Mahjong game. His future mother in law doesn’t think well him, she thinks all he can do is just ride a bike and flirt around with girls. Mali wins his future mother in law in all the games which displeases her while Nana just watches. Mali soon blabs on and on, disgusted at his utterances, his future mother in law throws him out. She tells Mali that she has given up on him buying a car or a house, but he should at least buy a good ring for her daughter before she accepts his proposal to marry her daughter- Nana. She further tells him that the ring must not be less than two carats.

As Mali returns to the office, his boss Lao Qian (Tai Chih Yuan) again sends him to deliver a package to Wang Sanbiao, a man he hates so much. He immediately turns down the job. Unable to convince him, his boss Lao Qian (Tai Chih Yuan) promises him a week vacation and RMB 40.000 bonus. On hearing this, Mali remembers what the money can buy him including a very nice wedding ring for his fiancé Nana, so he speedily turns around to accept the offer. He is given forty five minutes to deliver the package. On his way, Mali encounters gridlock, unable to pass through, he devices other methods to getting to Wang Sanbiao’s house on time. He manoeuvres his way through the passageway of some people in the neighbourhood. Apparently, Mali has been passing there before, so the people on sighting him again, attack him with all forms of items. Despite the obstructions put up by the people living in the neighbourhood, Mali manages to pass through the corridor and get to Sanbiao’s house before time.

At Wang Sanbiao’s house, Maggie opens the door for Mali and tells him to drop the package. He refuses to hand the package to her without the instruction of the owner of the package. Maggie leads him in and he sees Wang in an odd way. Maggie compels Wang to allow her sign for the package, which she does and Mali lives. As soon as Mali steps out, he pulls out his phone from his bag to call the police, but Maggie opens the door and snatches the phone from him. She punches Mali and he passes out. Mali wakes up and finds himself tied to the bed.
Meanwhile, the intruder Gary (DAVID BELLE) and his partner Ryan (MASON LEE) are also at Wang Sanbiao’s house to retrieve the original cat statute relic which is in Mali’s package. Gary sees Wang tied up and suspects they are not alone. Maggie unties Mali and they both watch Gary and Ryan. Maggie tells Mali that both Gary and Ryan are terrorists while she is CIA. Mali demands to see her badge but she quiets him and pulls his hear, Maggie devices a plan with Mali in order to get Gary. Gary enters the room and Maggie kicks him from behind. The both engage in a combat. Mali hands Maggie the statute and she quickly runs off in his bike while Gary chases after her. Maggie outruns Gary and he succumbs lacking the energy to continue. Wang now realizing the worth of the cat statute relic that Gary and Maggie are after vents his anger on Mali for allowing Maggie to sign on his behalf. He threatens to sue him. Mali tells him that he agreed to her signing the package. Wang’s words make Mali leave his house without untying him.

Moments later, Mali calls Maggie, accusing her of stealing his phone, bike and packages; Maggie tells Mali that she would return his bike and phone but not his package because it is a cultural relic. Mali is surprised to hear Maggie say it is a cultural relic when she initially said it is a chemical weapon. Mali disgusted by her lies confesses to her that the cat statue relic she is holding is the fake one and that the original is with him. Maggie gets infuriated. Mali tells her to return all his items if she wants the statute back. He orders her to meet him at the police station at his given time. When they meet, Mali demands to know her through identity and she tells him she is the head of security for Marseille Museum. Mali doesn’t believe her so Maggie brings out her card for identification. She tells him that she is in search of the missing relic that is worth 30 million euros. She tells Mali that from the surveillance footage, her company is able to see that Gary had purposely dropped it on the stall of a cat statute when Wang Sanbiao was buying a whole lot of them. After much deliberation, Maggie promises to give Mali five thousand euros. Mali agrees to it but asks for a favour from her before he goes to get the relic from his girlfriend.

Mali and Maggie are at a bridal shop where Maggie is trying out wedding gowns that would be appropriate for Mali’s fiancé- Nana. Mali tells Maggie that he intends to surprise his fiancé with the gown. Maggie asks him about the ring, Mali in anger replies her that because of her, he is unable to get the bonus promised him at his place of work, which means he is unlikely to buy Nana a ring.

Meanwhile, Mali’s boss Lao Qian (Tai Chih Yuan) at Super Xpress is worried that Mali is not back and there is no signal that the package has been signed for. He tells the female secretary to keep calling Mali until he picks his line. While calling his line, Gary and Ryan walk into super express demanding to know who ran the delivery sent to Wang Sanbiao, they tell them. Ryan lies that he is a lawyer and that his client Gary was attacked by Mali which he intends to sue him for. They get to know where Mali is and go in search of him in order to retrieve the relic.

Still at the bridal shop, Mali tells Maggie good things about his girlfriend Nana while both Gary and Ryan locate the shop. Nana hears that Mali attacked one of his clients and goes looking for him, she notices his bike parked outside a bridal shop and goes in to look for Mali. She sees Mali together with Maggie in a wedding gown. She flares up at Mali thinking that he has been cheating on her with her. Ryan moves closer to Nana and lies to her that he loves her in order to retrieve the cat statute from her. In anger, she throws the statue away and they all run to catch it, but, Ryan is the first to get it; he quickly runs out of the bridal shop and enters Gary’s car. Gary tests the authenticity of the statute and discovers that it is not the original; in anger, he throws Ryan out of the car and orders him to get the original for him. Meanwhile Nana lets Maggie and Mali know that the original cat statute given to her by Mali is in the shop.

Nana seeing how desperate Mali and Maggie need the cat statute refuses to release it to them until they both clarify the relationship between them. She promises to hand over the statute to Maggie if she leaves her fiancé and check out of the country. Nana excuses them to go get the cat statute but returns to tell them that her bag is missing. Meanwhile Wang Sanbiao goes to Super Express to report the incident with Mali and the other people; they tell him it’s a criminal case. Nana thinks her bag is with her mummy, so she, Maggie and Mali go to the place her mum is performing. On sighting her they approach her but she refuses to attend to them until she finishes her performance. They look for where her bag is and finally retrieve the original cat statute. Meanwhile Gary and Ryan are already at the same venue with them. Gary tells Maggie through Ryan to hand over the cat to him with the promise of a million euro but Maggie shuns him. She moves away from where she is initially seated and tells Gary to come get her if he can even while signalling to Mali to run away with the original cat statute. Gary chases after her thinking that the real cat is with her. Meanwhile, Sanbiao is also in search of the cat statute. So they all go round and round to get the statute but it gets into the hand of Sanbiao who quickly tries to run off with it. Gary sees him, beats him up and collects it from him. Through another tussle, the cat statute again gets into the hands of Maggie and Mali and they run off together in Mali’s bike. Gary runs after them. Mali again passes the passage where the people are always infuriated at him whenever he passes. This time, they are more ready for him. They obstruct him again and this time around his bike damages making the cat statue fall off Maggie’s hands. Gary immediately picks it. Ryan plays a fast one on Gary; they settle it and head for the airport.

Mali and Maggie go ahead of Gary and his partner Ryan to the airport. They sight them and device means to get the original cat statute back which they are able to get from Gary and his partner. Gary and Ryan chase after them but did not catch them. Mali and Maggie check into a hotel where Maggie puts sleeping pills in Mali’s drink. She reveals the truth about her identity to Mali. Maggie is a hunter of cultural relics and has been stealing treasures for clients. She waited two years to steal the relic. She initially hired a hacker to track a Trojan program but because of price dispute between them, the hacker hired Gary to steal the relic for him instead. After narrating her story, she apologises to Mali for putting him through troubles, but Mali is already fast asleep
The next morning before Mali wakes up, Maggie drops the amount he promised him on the table and asks him to buy a diamond ring for his fiancé. Moments later, Mali wakes up and remembers all that happened the previous night. He gets a call from Gary to return the cat statute if he wants his girlfriend back. Mali calls Maggie to tell her that the bad guys have his fiancé and they want the cat statue back at a certain address. He pleads with her to return the cat statue but Maggie shuns him thinking he is joking. Mali goes to his office and with the approval of his boss gets his special bike and zooms off to the address Gary sent to him. Mali enters the place with a carton of fake statute of cats. He sees Nana tied up, and tells Gary that the original of the cat is also included in it. He tells him to bring Nana down at every throw of a cat till he gets to the original one. At the last throw, Gary gets infuriated when he finds out that there is no original in the carton so he attempts harming Nana, just then, Maggie enters. She shows Gary the cat and he and Ryan chase her. Mali unties his fiancé and she tells him to go help Maggie. Happy to get his fiancé consent, he follows after Gary, Ryan and Maggie. Maggie enters a boat and they jump after her. They engage in a combat with her. Mali races fast and jumps into the boat saving Maggie from the duo.

After much hassles, Gary and Ryan get arrested by the police. Mali gets recognised while Maggie returnes the cat to the museum. Maggie goes to live in the rural area she loves to live while Mali and Nana get married.

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