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The movie ‘Iboju’ is about a boy- Taiye, who has a female twin- Kehinde. Taiye is given a mysterious spectacle from his dead mother in a dream. He wakes up and finds the spectacle and realizes that it is more than a dream. The spectacle given to him by his dead mum foresees every impending evil thereby exposing the works of the evil ones. Taiye’s ability to see things with the spectacle helps to unravel evil plans, which upsets the evil ones. One day, Taiye sees a dangerous vision about a popular and deadly hooligan’s girlfriend and it comes to pass, this vexes him and he devises ways to kill him. What do you think would happen to him next, will the spectacles be taken away from him, will he die? Find out in the plot

A young boy- Taiye (BRIGHT OKWUAZU) wakes up at the middle of the night and steps out of his room. He hears his name countlessly but sees no one. He gets scared and asks who is calling his name; suddenly, someone taps him from behind and reveals herself as his mother. His mother tells him not to be scared that she has not come to harm him but to do good to him. His mother tells him that he is old enough to inherit what she inherited from her father. She tells him that what she inherited from her father is buried on the ground that they are standing. She tells Taiye that it is a spectacle and it is a powerful instrument used in the administration of the town. Taiye’s mother tells him that with the spectacle, he would see scary things, but when he does, he shouldn’t fear as long as he doesn’t do evil. Taiye picks up a hoe and digs where his mother asks him to dig. He wakes up and notices that it is just a nightmare. He calls his mum’s name. Shortly after, a knock comes on his door. It is his step mum- Iyaile iya Taiye (FAUSAT BALOGUN). She insults him and orders him to wake up to do his chores. Taiye stands up from his bed and leaves the room. He goes to sweep the compound just like his step mum ordered. As he is sweeping, he comes across what he dug out from the ground in the dream, he then realizes that the dream is real. He picks it up and takes it along with him

Taiye (BRIGHT OKWUAZU) is having fun with his girlfriend Ashanti (TOKUNBO LATONA). Ashanti leaves the room briefly and then Taiye falls into trance. His mum appears to him and asks why he refuses to make use of the spectacles she inherited from her father. She tells him that if other people have hold of the spectacle, they will use for either pastoral or imam work. She tells him not to disobey her but use the spectacle which is for his own good. Taiye’s girlfriend- Ashanti taps him bringing him back to reality. Ashanti asks him what he is thinking about and he says nothing. Taiye is upset with her for taking so much time to get her phone but Ashanti apologises to him.

Taiye is walking along the road when he decides to test the spectacle his dead mum handed to him. He retrieves it from his bag curious to know what is spectacular about the spectacle. He wears it and some form of power comes upon him. As he walks on, Taiye sights two lovers. Taiye trembles at what he sees. With the help of the glasses, he sees that the lady is a human in animal skin- a goblin. The girl tells him that he is seeing what he ought not to see. He is alarmed at the mysterious things the spectacle makes him see and hopes he wont see what will lead to his death. Taiye stops to buy a sachet of pure water. He sees a lady that is about to eat and notices that the meat in the food is bewitched. He exclaims. The food seller comes out and asks what the problem is. He tells her. Taiye tells the lady to allow him to bring out the meat from her plate, but she refuses while the food seller permits him. He picks it up still wearing the powerful spectacle and both the lady and the food seller see that the meat is bewitched. Taiye tells her that if she eats it, she would bloat and then die. The young lady asks the food seller who is also her mother how such piece of meat entered her pot of soup and she replies her that she has no idea. Taiye tells them that it is not their doing but their rivals who are against their business in the neighbourhood. Taiye warns them not to fight with their enemies as it would have a negative effect. He tells them he would dispose the meat for them. He stretches out his hand to pay the food seller the money for his sachet water, but she tells him not to pay, Taiye refuses at first but the food seller insists. So Taiye thanks her and leaves. The young lady is still terrified and tells her mum that she would have died if the young man had not come around. They both call different names of people they feel are their rivals and plan on dealing with them, but then they remember that the young boy with spectacle says they should not make trouble. The food seller decides to keep praying fervently and going to church till the efforts of their enemies end up in vain. She tells her child that the enemies are only envious because she just gained admission. Taiye, still holding on to the bewitched piece of meat, appreciates the wonders of the spectacle before throwing the meat away. As soon as he turns his back to go, the meat vanishes.

A fair and plump woman (SHERI KUDAYISI) while driving is lost as to the exact place she is heading to. She is under spell not to remember that she is going to meet a prophet in his church to collect her money. This is because the prophet (ADEWALE ADEBIOSU) with his underground powers has seen that the woman is on her way to his church to collect her huge sum of money which she kept in his custody. The prophet uses his powers to redirect her path and make her forget the address. The woman roves around trying to remember the direction to the church. She sops a young guy to ask for the church, but with no explicit description, so the guy is unable to offer help. The guy sarcastically tells her to search further and continue tomorrow if she doesn’t find the church. In her roaming about, she pulls over, confused about her inability to remember the church location. Taiye sights the confused woman and with his spectacle, he sees what her problem is, that the fair woman has given the sum of 25 million naira that she wants to use for investment to a prophet, because the prophet forecasts doom on her investment and wants to pray on the money in order to avert the doom. The prophet lies to the fair woman that he would place her money on the altar for three days, and they would pray fervently and do some spiritual works. He tells her to come back in three days’ time to get her money back but then decides to use voodoo on her. Taiye after seeing the vision shakes his head at the terribleness of humans. Taiye approaches the fair woman and tells her what has been done to her by the prophet and she is happy that Taiye has come her way. Taiye promises to help her. She tells Taiye they should go along with the police. On getting to the church, the fair woman tells the police officers to wait for a while so the prophet doesn’t suspect anything while she goes inside with Taiye. The prophet pretends not to know her, while the prophetess beside the prophet feigns trance. The fair woman insults the fake prophetess while the prophet tells her to go get something in the church. The police officers walk in but the prophet still claims he has never seen the fair woman before and that her money is not with him. Taiye with his spectacle is able to locate where the prophet hid the money. He tells the police officers where he hid the money. The prophet is aghast as to how a tiny boy, who did not hide the money with him, is able to know where he hid the money. The police search where Taiye is pointing to and find the fair woman’s box of 25 million naira. She quickly grabs her money. Taiye again exposes the prophet’s secret saying that he has a room where he is keeping a young child with a calabash on his head, and he wants to use the child for sacrifice the next day. The officers search around and find the boy. The police officers arrest the prophet.

A young man goes to a traditional midwife to collect healing water that women use when they want to put to bed. He finds the daughter of the traditional midwife who gives the water to him and tells him to rub it all over his wife’s body and that she would deliver safely. On his way to where his wife is, he passes the same path with Taiye. Taiye again sees a vision about the young man. He stops the young man and narrates where he is coming from and then tells him that his wife would die with the pregnancy. The young man infuriated at Taiye’s words, insults him. Taiye apologizes to him and leaves him while the man keeps insulting him. In the process, a call comes through his phone and the caller- Ismail tells him that his wife is dead. He is saddened at the news. He immediately runs after Taiye, catches up with him at the front of his house and engages in a combat with him. Taiye’s step mum (FAUSAT BALOGUN) comes out and the young man calls the woman a witch. His step mum asks what the problem is and the young man explains all. The step mum tells the young man that Taiye is just blabbing that his words are not real but accidental, that he should please ignore him. She ironically tells Taiye to open a church, where he would call everyone and tell them he has a vision of their deaths amidst other things. She asks Taiye why he didn’t see the vision about his parents before their death but can see for other people. She insults his life and then apologizes again to the young man who just lost his wife. The step mum faces Taiye and tells him to pack out of the house. Taiye pleads with her but she refuses to accept his apology. Taiye tells her that he has nowhere to go, but she tells him to go and look for his other twin and stay with her.

Taiye goes to the house of his other twin, Kehinde (ADENIYI KENNY) and narrates his incidence with their step mum. His twin accepts him but scolds him for not leaving the house ever since. She tells him that their step-mum and her child intend killing them after succeeding in killing their parents. Taiye tells Kenny that he can’t leave the house for them because it is their father’s house. He tells the sister that he has equal right with the son of their step mum. They teasingly drag seniority between themselves after which Taiye takes his bag inside.

Taiye is with his girlfriend- Ashanti (TOKUNBO LOTANA). Ashanti tells him that she is hungry and feels like eating a particular food. Taiye mysteriously tells her the food in her mind that she feels like eating which baffles her. He again shocks her by telling her what she ate for breakfast and how she coughed while eating it. Ashanti asks him if what people are saying about him being a soothsayer is correct and that he should please tell her the secret behind it; else their love life would end. Taiye pleads with her not to do so. He tells her that the secret behind his words is the spectacle he is wearing which he inherited from his mother in order to use and help people. Ashanti tries to wear it but Taiye tells her that it is not meant for her.

The fair woman, who almost got duped by a prophet, visits Taiye’s house but meets his step brother and step mum. The step mum immediately speaks evil about him and tells the fair woman not to come look for him in that house again that he doesn’t live there again. Taiye’s step mum tells the fair woman that Taiye is not his son and that she already sent him packing. The woman after hearing all their utterances against Taiye is surprised. She tells them that Taiye actually helped her and she wants to compensate him with a cheque. This makes Taiye’s step mum and brother change words again. They lie to the woman that Taiye still lives there but wont return until the next day, in a bid to collect the cheque from the fair woman. Sensing the confusion between Taiye’s step mother and step brother, the fair woman holds on to her cheque and decides to check back on Taiye.

A thug leader- Bugatti (TUNDE OWOKONIRAN) and his team are on the street, meanwhile Bugatti (TUNDE OWOKONIRAN) is chatting and trying to woo a pretty fair lady. But the lady tells him countlessly that she is not interested in him that she is already dating another guy- Mighty (AKNITUNDE YUSUF) who is also a thug like him. Bugatti’s persistence on dating her infuriates her and she slaps him, insults him and then walks away. Bugatti’s boys gather round him and ask for permission to go and deal with the pretty fair lady, but he tells them not to and that he would get her himself.

Kehinde, the other twin of Taiye is admiring her twin brother’s spectacle. She is tempted to put it on and is about to wear it when Taiye walks in on her and snatches the spectacle from her. Kehinde becomes suspicious and asks Taiye what is special about the spectacle that he carries it everywhere with him. She asks him about the person that handed the spectacle to him since she knows he doesn’t wear recommended glasses. Taiye tells him it’s their mother, but Kehinde makes jest of him calling him a liar for saying that their dead mother gave him the spectacle. Taiye shuns her and leaves the sitting room. On his way out, he sees a vision of his twin sister being electrocuted as she is getting off from the chair. Taiye quickly runs back to the sitting room to save his sister. Meanwhile Kehinde looks at him as one that has gone crazy. Taiye picks up the electronic gadget that would have electrocuted Kenny and puts it away; this makes Kehinde angrier at him. She mumbles some words and says that people are trying to make his twin her enemy.

Taiye goes to visit the CEO of a certain company. Jide (ODUNLADE ADEKOLA). He tells the man that his fiancé- Tomiwa (SOLA KOSOKO) that he is trying to separate from because of the little problem she has is his destined wife. Taiye tells him to either go and beg her in order not to use his hand to chase his helper or to be prayerful. Jide is puzzled, he just stares at Taiye and says nothing to him. Sarcastically, Jide thanks him and Taiye leaves the office premises. Jide then calls his gateman- Abraham and scolds him for allowing someone Like Taiye come to see him without hearing what he has to say first.
Taiye is with his girlfriend-Ashanti who is in the mood to get down with him, but Taiye courteously wades her off and tells her that he just wants to know how she is doing. Ashanti’s friend Koraye (PEJU BALOGUN-) walks in on them and hands Ashanti’s phone to her. She teases Taiye before leaving the sitting room for Taiye and Ashanti.

Taiye stops a pretty fair lady- Tomiwa (SOLA KOSOKO) on the road and tells her that he has a vision that all her problems would be over soon but she should be prayerful.

Another thug leader- Mighty (AKINTINDE YUSUF) is with his pretty fair girlfriend- Lucy (WUNMI ADEBOWALE) that Bugatti was wooing the other day. Mighty professes his love to Lucy ceaselessly. Meanwhile, Taiye passes by and sees the danger lurking around Mighty’s girlfriend- Lucy. He approaches the duo and tells Mighty that he wants to tell his girlfriend the vision he has seen about her. Mighty refuses to release Lucy and Lucy in return refuses to see Taiye. Taiye succumbs and tells the duo the vision of some people trying to gang rape Lucy. Taiye however warns that Lucy should leave the vicinity for two weeks and the danger would be averted. This vision doesn’t go down well with Mighty and Lucy as Mighty accuses Taiye of the one trying to rape his girlfriend-Lucy. Seeing that Mighty is about to turn his vision into a fight, Taiye quickly leaves them.
Lucy is gang raped by Bugatti and his men and he records the act. Meanwhile, Lucy’s boyfriend- Mighty is at Lucy’s place but she is nowhere to be found. Mighty tells one of his gang members Ogbara (AUSTIN EMMANUEL) that Lucy is not in the house and that she didn’t drop the key. He tells him that Lucy was fast asleep when he was going out. A bike man drops feeble Lucy at her house. Mighty sights her and sees how week she is. He tries to attack the bike man, but he quickly tells Mighty that he helped Lucy and did not harm her. Lucy weakly tells Mighty that Bugatti and his men raped her and then she faints. Mighty and Ogbara quickly rush Lucy to the hospital.

Bugatti and his men gather against Mighty and his men. Bugatti raises Lucy’s underwear to the face of Mighty and confirms to Mighty that he slept with his girlfriend. He brags to Mighty that he can do anything he likes without anyone challenging him. He tells Mighty that the pictures and videos are already in social media, and then throws Lucy’s pant at him. Mighty and his other gang members laugh at Bugatti’s acts. Bugatti is stunned as to their reaction after everything he has said and done. This infuriates Bugatti and he calls Mighty and his members’ local thugs who can’t compare with him. Mighty and his two other gang members- Tanso (OYE SHOYONBO) and Ogbara (AUSTIN EMMANUEL) bring out their guns and kill Bugatti with his two other gang members.

Mighty’s two other gang members- Ogbara and Tanso visit Taiye’s former house in order to kill him on the rape vision, thinking he also conspired with Bugatti and his men to rape his girlfriend Lucy. They meet his absence. Taiye’s step mum comes out oblivious of the harm they want to do to him, she immediately claims to be his mother thinking that they have come to bless him, but when Ogbara points out a gun to her, she trembles and tells them that she is not his mother but just a guardian. They spare her life and leave the premises. On their way, they see the woman’s son Shina (TUNDE SHODEKE) who hails them with so much energy. In their discussion, he notices that they have been to his house with the intention to attack and would return again till they find the person they are looking for. He tells them that he lives there with his mother and that they should please not attack her. Ogbara and Tanso leave Taiye’s step brother Shina and he enters their compound. His mum narrates the incidence to him. Shina asks his mum if they harmed her and she replies no.

Taiye’s step brother Shina (TUNDE SHODEKE) trails both Taiye and his twin- Kehinde and sees where they live.

Taiye and Kehinde are on their way home when Taiye sees a vision of a pool of blood. He begs his twin sister Kehinde that they should turn back but she shuns him since she can’t see what he claims to see. Taiye again pleads with Kehinde but she gets irritated and tells him that his spectacle is making him go crazy. Taiye ignores her words, holds her hands and pleads with her not to go but Kehinde forces her hand out from his and moves on, leaving Taiye behind. Kehinde on her way home stumbles on Mighty and Ogbara. They stop her and ask about the whereabout of her twin Taiye but she replies them sarcastically that she is backing him. They again ask about her twin and she talks to them rudely. Taiye sights the deadly men with his other twin and hopes his twin doesn’t talk to them rudely but Kehinde did. Mighty and Ogbara bring out their guns and shoot Kehinde. Taiye quickly runs to where she is but she is already dead. Taiye blames her death on her rude way of taking. He cries out saying if only she had listened to him that they should turn back. Not certain of what to do next, Taiye carries Kehinde and keeps her in an uncompleted building. He is thinking of reporting the case to the police but sees a vision that the police officer will accuse him of killing his sister, collect his spectacle and then kill him. He moves closer to where his sister is lying and blames himself for her death saying that if he didn’t live with her, the incident wont have happened. He holds Taiye’s lips blaming her utterances for her quick death. He cries and cries uncertain of what to do next.

Taiye runs to his girlfriend’s place- Ashanti and tells her that his twin-Kehinde has been killed. Ashanti is holding a gun and swears to defend her boyfriend- Taiye on the death of his twin sister. He says even though Taiye may be weak, but he has strong people like her beside him that would fight for him. Ashanti and friend- Koraye set out to attack Mighty and his men.

Mighty and his men are having a drink when Ashanti and friends shows up on them with weapons. Mighty’s men attack Ashanti’s ladies and they attack back. Ashanti shoots one of Mighty’s men and aims for Mighty. She shoots at Mighty but Mighty doesn’t die because he uses voodoo. Ashanti tries to runaway but Mighty quickly reaches for his gun from his back pocket and shoots Ashanti’s knee making her fall on the floor.

Taiye calls the police for help while Mighty captures Ashanti and ties her to the tree in order to Make Taiye show up. He tells Ashanti to say the whereabout of Taiye so that she can be released. He hypes himself and brags his mightiness in the face of the law to Ashanti and tells her that he is untouchable. He puts a gun to Ashanti’s head demanding Taiye’s number. Ashanti calls out his number. Taiye picks it up and Ashanti tries to get him to come to where she is. Taiye is disappointed with Ashanti for trying to betray him. Meanwhile, Taiye with the help of his spectacle is seeing all that is happening; how Ashanti is tied to the tree, Mighty’s actions, and this surprises Mighty. Mighty thinks Taiye is hiding somewhere inconspicuous and watching him from there, so he looks around to check for him. Ashanti tells Mighty that Taiye is able to see and know all things with the help of his spectacle, but Mighty still doesn’t believe her; he still thinks Taiye is hiding. Mighty dares Taiye to come out from hiding and confront him. Mighty threatens to kill Ashanti if Taiye doesn’t come around, after which he walks away. The police officers are puzzled and stare at Taiye who with the help of his spectacle say all that his happening. He tells the police officers that Mighty and his men are in the neighbourhood and that they should follow him. The police officers finally arrest Mighty and his gang. Taiye and Koraye go with them in order to free their friend Ashanti from captive, but Mighty already killed her. Taiye and Koraye weep bitterly. Taiye is embittered as he says Ashanti has sacrificed her life for him.

Jide (ODUNLADE ADEKOLA) and Tomiwa (SOLA KOSOKO) are in Taiye’s neighborhood. Tomiwa wants to appreciate Taiye for his vision towards her and advice. She and her fiancé wait for long but do not see Taiye. As they are set to leave, Taiye shows up. Jide is surprised when he sees Taiye, he tells his fiancé Tomiwa that he knows Taiye that he has seen him before; he tells her that Taiye is the reason he didn’t leave her when they had issue. Jide goes to his vehicle and retrieves a brown envelope and hands it to Taiye to show appreciation; Taiye collects it from him and thanks the couple. He also congratulates them on their just concluded wedding. Jide collects Taiye’s number and promises to still appreciate him better.

Tunde Shodeke is the brain behind the movie Iboju. He acted as Shina in the movie.

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