The movie ‘Oracle’ is about a group of boys who would do anything to get money into their pockets. They rob innocent people and leave them empty. They also kill people. Their desire to have more, made them agree with a white man to bring the face of the god of their hometown /Ogbakiri/ in exchange for millions of naira oblivious of the danger in it. They connive with some elders in the village to steal the face of Ogbakiri. What could be the aftermath of this action? Find out in the plot

A group of travellers are on voyage by road unknown to them that robbers also boarded the vehicle with them. The robbers unleash terror; they rob travellers of their belongings and shoot people with no belongings. The police show up and there is an exchange of fire between the duo killing some of their men on both sides. The remaining robbers flee from the police

Nine months later, the remaining sets of robbers meet with a white man who offers to give them a huge sum of money in exchange for a particular mask called Ogbakiri.
Two brothers Odimkpa /Pete Edochie/ and Ukadike /James Uche/ are arguing about ownership of land in the presence of the king. Meanwhile, Ukadike has already started laying foundation on the land but Odimkpa maintains that the land belongs to him and not Ukadike.. The king /Ameachi Muonagor/ tries to settle their differences but Ukadike in anger walks out of the palace. The king as well as the villagers support Odimkpa that the land belongs to him and not Ukadike
The remaining three thieves- Donatus /Charles Okafor/, Obinna /Saint Obi/ and Uche /Ejike Asiegbu/ are pondering on the huge amount of money the white man intends to pay them. Uche /Ejike Asiegbu/ is overwhelmed at the huge amount the ogbakiri mask is going to fetch them if they successfully steal and give it to the white man, so he exclaims a 100 thousand dollars. Meanwhile, Donatus /Charles Okafor/ is scared and says he won’t be a part of it. Obinna /Saint Obi/ convinces him that they are not stealing the ogbakiri mask because it is a spirit, but they are just taking it. He tells Donatus that the mask was carved by a human with mare hands and there is nothing attached to it while Uche reminds him the huge amount each of them stands to have; 3 million naira each. Donatus is still scared, but Obinna assures him there is nothing to fear till he finally succumbs.

The three thieves head to the village with the intention of taking the ogbakiri mask in the middle of the night. Donatus chickens out. Uche tells Obinna that they can’t do it alone that they would need help from an elder they know in the village. They agree to involve one of the elders in the village- Uncle Ifedi /Enebeli Elebuwa/
The next morning, the three thieves drive down to Ifedi’s house. They exchange pleasantries after which they tell Ifedi their mission. He exclaims after he hears their mission.

Odimkpa /Pete Edochie/ and his cousin Amaechi /Peter Bunoh/ are having a chat outside Odimkpa’s compound. Amaechi talks about ogbakiri god and tells his cousin Odimkpa to dedicate himself to the service of ogbakiri god. He tells him to become the chief priest of the village since he is next in line, but Odimkpa shuns him and tells him he is not interested.

Ifedi is with the three thieves and promises to help them on the condition that he gets his money upfront and they accept his terms. They tell him that the cash is inside the boot of their car and Ifedi is pleased. Donatus is still shaky about stealing the mask, with so much fear, he asks Ifedi if taking the mask is okay and doesn’t come with any harm and he replies him yes. Ifedi excuses himself to go and see Odimkpa in order to persuade him to be a part of the act. Amaechi leaves Odimkpa’s house in anger and on his way stumbles on Ifedi, but shuns him. Amaechi calls him back and asks about his cousin Odimkpa and he replies reluctantly that he is home and then walks away. Ifedi sights Odimkpa sitted outside his house and he joins him. He asks him the cause of disagreement between him and his cousin. Odimkpa tells him that his cousin- Amaechi is upset with him because he turns down his suggestion that he should be the next chief priest of the village. Odimkpa tells Ifedi that they should discuss something better. Ifedi tells him his mission to take Ogbakiri mask with his assistance but Odimkpa sternly kicks against it. Meanwhile, Donatus is still skeptical about being a part of the act. His two other friends- Uche and Obinna again assure him of no harm and Donatus again succumbs.

Two women are coming from the farm; they greet passersby as they walk. They chat about their sons and what they have been able and unable to accomplish.
Ifedi again meets with Odimkpa, but this time tells him that the three thieves are ready to pay good money, but Odimkpa tells him that it is not about the money. Odimkpa reminds Ifedi how the fear of ogbakiri god maintains orderliness in the village. Odimkpa still refuses to participate in the act but when Ifedi tells him his own share of money, he becomes speechless. Ifedi tells Odimkpa that with money, he can get back his land from Ukadike as well as build his own house.
The three thieves; Donatus, Obinna, Uche and the two elders- Ifedi and Odimkpa go to the shrine in the middle of the night to steal ogbakiri mask. Odimkpa says some incarnations and ogbakiri mask appears. Ifedi lifts the mask and hands it to the three thieves and they immediately leave the shrine. As soon as they all leave the shrine, ogbakiri appears in his shrine with anger written all over his face. On the way, their vehicle stops moving. This frightens Donatus and he pleads that they should return the mask. Uche shouts at him that it is not possible as they have spent the money given to them. Ifedi and Odimkpa come around to where their vehicle is, Odimkpa says some incantations, and the vehicle finally starts moving. Odimkpa and Ifedi bid them goodbye while Ifedi wishes that they would return to get another mask.

Four women are returning from the stream when they hear a strange thunder strike. The thunder strike cuts the big tree with blood gushing out from it. The women run for their lives. Meanwhile the chief priest in his shrine is disturbed; he has a premonition that a sacrilege has been committed.

The three thieves are back in Lagos. They hand the mask to the white man. The white man excuses himself and enters another room to confirm the originality of the mask; he affirms its originality and keeps the mask aside. He leaves the room holding a box of money which contains the balance of 80 thousand dollars and hands it over to the three thieves.

The town crier goes around the village and tells the villagers that the unimaginable has happened and that they must take action. He says that all male adults are expected to meet at the king’s compound.

Ukadike is with builders on the plot of land that Odimkpa claims to be his when Odimkpa walks in with able bodied men and ejects Ukadike’s builders from the land. Odimkpa’s men lift Ukadike up and carry him to where Odimkpa is standing. Odimkpa gives him a final warning to stay clear of his land and threatens to deal with Ukadike if he comes close to the land again. Odimkpa` orders his men to put him down and let him go. Ukadike threatens Odimkpa, and Odimkpa tells his men to go after him.

One of the thieves- Donatus is with his girlfriend in a place where they sell cars. With so much excitement, they both pick a car and drive off. Meanwhile, Obinna is on his site directing the builders on what to do.

In the king’s compound, a lot of men assemble for the meeting. The chief priest tells them that it is a sacrilege for the face of ogbakiri to leave its place in the shrine. He tells them that the reason for the sign of the tree with blood is because the gods are angry with them. Odimkpa stands up to say that only ogbakiri can solve the mystery of the sacrilege and will soon reveal the truth while Ifedi confusingly stares at him as he speaks. One of the villagers also present in the meeting says that ogbakiri should instead pour out his venom on the culprits. The king is angry and in vengeance tells those responsible for taking ogbakiri mask to be ready to face the consequences of their actions. He tells them that he that beats the evil drum must dance the evil dance of the spirit, which is death. Ifedi is terrified at the king’s utterance. Still in anger, the king tells the villagers that ogbakiri will soon pour vengeance on those responsible for the act after which he leaves the gathering and enters his house while the people disengage.

Ifedi and Odimkpa are discussing the outcome of the meeting. Ifedi is getting worried while Odimkpa tells him there is nothing to worry about that it is mere formality. Odimkpa hints Ifedi on his earlier confrontation with Ukadike and how he handled him. They path ways and go to their various houses. But Ifedi is shaky.
One of the thieves- Uche is having a big birthday party. His other friends- Donatus and Obinna are also at the party with him. The guests all sing for him. Then suddenly, ogbakiri with blood in his mouth appears, enters the auditorium and kills Uche.

There is a celebration going on in the compound of Odimkpa- he is marrying a new wife and Ifedi is also with him. Meanwhile, Obinna and Donatus are bringing the corpse of Uche back to the village. The vehicle stops and Obinna tells one of the men in the vehicle to go and call Ifedi. The man sees Ifedi and delivers the message to him. Odimkpa asks Ifedi what the problem is and he says he doesn’t want to spoil his day. Ifedi hurriedly leaves Odimkpa’s compound and follows the young man sent to him. He meets with Obinna and Donatus and they tell him what happened. The other men in the vehicle lift Uche’s coffin and take it to his house.

Uche’s mum is weeping bitterly on the death of her son while the village women around her console her. They burry Uche amidst tears. Ifedi is scared and asks Odimkpa if Uche’s death is not connected to the stealing of ogbakiri mask and Odimkpa assures him that it is not connected to it, that it is just a coincidence. Ifedi tells Odimkpa that he can’t watch them pour sand on Uche. Ifedi leaves Uche’s burial ground with so much fear while Odimkpa stays back. Some groups of elders are saddened at Uche’s death. Obinna and Donatus are still at the burial ceremony of their late friend- Uche. Obinna is carrying a frame that has the picture of Uche. Ifedi on his way home with other villagers gets hit by an arrow sent by ogbakiri and he dies immediately.

Donatus and Obinna go and visit Odimkpa concerning the two deaths of the people also involved in the stealing of the mask. Donatus tells Odimkpa that he is terrified as the deaths happen suddenly. Odimkpa calms him and tells him there is nothing to worry about, that it is just a coincidence that he is taking precaution on their behalf. Odimkpa tells them that if anyone is to be killed by ogbakiri, that it should be him since he invoked it. He reassures them of no harm and Donatus and Obinna with that assurance leave for Lagos.

Donatus is with his fiancé at an eatery. She notices Donatus’s discomfort and intense fear after Uche’s death and asks him if there is anything he is hiding from her. He calms her and assures her that everything is alright. Donatus tells his girlfriend that he needs to go see his friend- Obinna at his building site. They both finish their drink after which they take their leave.

Obinna is at his building site quite upset with the builders that they are not doing their best. He is disappointed at the slow rate they are building. His friend Donatus is with him and tells him that the builders are trying their best. The builder takes him upstairs to show him the work they have done so far. The builder is explaining to Obinna their works when ogbakiri appears to him. Obinna sees ogbakiri and in fear asks who he is. Donatus asks him who he is talking to and he replies him that he is talking to a gray haired old man. Donatus tells him he can’t see anyone. Ogbakiri throws fire at Obinna, he falls from up and dies immediately.
Donatus and Odimkpa are together. Donatus is terrified; he counts the deaths so far- Uche, Ifedi, and Obinna after the stealing of the mask to Odimkpa. Odimkpa still maintains that it is a coincidence but Donatus tells him it is not. Odimkpa gets infuriated and tells him that he is through with him and has no business with him again but Donatus replies that they are in it together. Odimkpa shuns him and walks away from him but Donatus follows after him. Odimkpa shuns him again and this time he stays back with so much fear in him.

Three villagers are sitted outside talking about Odimkpa; Ukadike is also with them and they are wondering how he suddenly became rich. Ukadike believes there is more to it and says that Odimkpa should be summoned to explain how he made his money. One of the villagers tells him that he is only bitter because of the way Odimkpa has treated him on the land issue between them. Ukadike says he will make him regret crossing his part.

Donatus is having a nightmare where his dead friends are tormenting him to also join them where they are. He wakes up screaming. His fiancé cuddles him and tells him to talk about the dream and the secret he is hiding. Donatus refuses to say anything and lies back on his bed. The fiancé tearfully pleads with him to tell her what is happening so that they can do something about it. He still refuses to tell her and says that he knows what to do.

Odimkpa is woken up from a dream with a light tap by his cousin- Amaechi. Amaechi reminds him of the family meeting. He notices how terrified Odimkpa is and asks him if there is a problem but Odimkpa replies him that there is no problem.

Donatus is at a female herbalist’s place to get answers to his problem. The herbalist /Camela Mberekpe/ tells Donatus that ogbakiri is angry with the people that have taken his face and will kill all of them till his face is returned to the shrine. She tells him the white man they sold the mask to is using it for spiritual powers. The herbalist tells Obinna that if he doesn’t want to die, he should to the shrine to confess, she tells him not to look back on his way to the shrine.

Odimkpa is having a nightmare, he sees himself carrying ogbakiri mask and been surrounded by the villagers. He wakes up, checks the time and leaves the room in the middle of the night to Ukachukwu’s place. He confesses his act to him but Ukachukwu tells him that if he wants to survive, he has to confess in the open at the village square. Odimkpa shakes his head and says he will not confess.

Donatus returns to the hotel where he and his late friends transacted business with the white man. He asks the front desk personnel to connect him with the white man but she tells him he has checked out. He asks if he dropped his contact, the lady checks but finds none. He makes up his mind to go and confess in the shrine.

Odimkpa goes to see an herbalist- Egweonu. Egweonu promises to help Odimkpa but tells him that it would cost him money. Odimkpa tells him that he is ready to pay the money as long as he doesn’t die. The herbalist reassures him that he wont die. He lists the items Odimkpa should bring for sacrifice when coming next. Suddenly, ogbakiri appears to Egweonu and kills him. Odimkpa asks him what the problem is but he gets no reply after which he then runs away.

Odimkpa is on the run while Donatus is on his way to the shrine to confess. As Donatus is getting close to the shrine, he is filled with fear and then he looks back and ogbakiri kills him. Odimkpa stops under a tree, climbs a stool, ties a rope around the tree and puts it around his neck. He pushes the stool off but ogbakiri appears at him and cuts off the rope. He falls on the floor and he is astounded.


The name Andy Amenechi is an household name. He is the brain behind the movie Oracle. He is an award winning director and has directed several movies that were hits. It would be incomplete to talk about spectacular directors in Nigeria without mentioning his name.

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