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The movie ‘Agbelebumi’ is about a young lady- Bimpe who is impatient and ill tempered. She marries a loving husband- Okiki who loves her and accepts her the way she is. Bimpe’s inability to control her hot temper almost ruins everything as well as her relationship with her family. Would she be able to savage the harm she has done so far? Find out in the plot

Bimpe Adesanya /Fathia Balogun/ is going to the birthday party of her friend’s child. One of her neighbours tell her that it’s cloudy and it may rain heavily that she should either stay back for a while or get an umbrella. Bimpe flares up at her neighbour and insults her for insisting that it is likely to rain. Unfortunately, Bimpe is unable to make it to the party as there is a downpour and she is soaked. She returns to her house and sights the neighbor who had envisaged rain. In anger, she insults the neighbour and accuses her of making her miss the party because of her wish for the rain to fall. Another neighbour tries to interfere in the matter, but Bimpe insults her as well.


Bimpe Adesanya /Fathia Balogun/ is woken with a kiss from her husband Hon. Okiki Adesanya /Anthar Olaniyan/ after which he wishes her a happy birthday. He prays for her and wishes her a lovely day.

Bimpe’s maid- Salewa /Funke Muammed/ is cleaning the house. She stops the cleaning and greets Bimpe as soon as she sights her and wishes her a happy birthday. The maid excuses herself to go set the table. Bimpe’s son- Femi Adesanya /Yomi Gold Aloore/ and daughter-Detola Adesanya /Adetola Ayeni/ catch up with their mum-Bimpe /Faithia Balogun/ in the sitting room and also wish her a happy birthday. Bimpe’s children leave the sitting room while Bimpe receives a call from her bosom friend- Peju /Moji Olaiya/ who also wishes her a happy birthday. Peju prays for Bimpe.

A party is holding to celebrate Bimpe’s birthday. They cut the cake after which Bimpe’s husband- Hon. Okiki Adesanya / Antar Laniyan/ steps out to appreciate all the guests for gracing the party. He announces that there would be a bigger party the upper week. One of Okiki’s staff hands him a gift and he presents it to his wife, Bimpe. Bimpe anxiously unwraps the parcel and is aghast when she finds a bible in the wrapper. Puzzled Bimpe calls out her husband’s full name- Olayinka Okiki and asks if he is truly giving her a bible as a birthday gift. She calls her friend’s attention- Peju to the gift after which she faces her husband- Okiki and in anger calls him a joker. Bimpe throws the gift away and then walks out of the party. The guests are aghast at what happened and they chant their thoughts. Some say Bimpe should have been patient and not have given her husband a public disgrace while others say that it is wrong for her husband- Okiki to present a bible to her on her birthday when it is obvious that she has a bible.

Bimpe is in the room with her bosom friend- Peju who tells her that though it is painful, but she could have been patient and reacted in the room rather than in the public. Bimpe tells Peju that her husband is always taking her for granted and she wont accept it anymore. Peju still maintains that her friend learns to be patient if she wants to stay long in marriage. Bimpe feels ridiculed at what her husband did. Peju advices Bimpe to apologize to her husband when she is calm but she sarcastically agrees to.

Olayinka Okiki is all alone on the stairs remembering his youth days and the day he met his wife…

Youth corper- Olayinka Okiki and another male corper friend of his are on the road side chatting, and two youth lady corpers /fair and chocolate in complexion/ get off a motorcycle. The fair lady- Bimpe hands the motorcyclist their fare but he turns it down. The motorcyclist is about to fight Bimpe and her friend but Okiki and his friend intervenes and pay the fare in order to avoid conflict. The biker collects the money from Okiki while Bimpe throws insults at him as he drives off.
Bimpe is waiting for Okiki in a restaurant and she is so cross with him for keeping her waiting. When Okiki finally shows up, she flares up at him for daring to keep her waiting. He tries to explain the cause of his lateness and blames it on traffic but Bimpe sees it as a flimsy excuse and accuses him of lying. Okiki tells Bimpe to close her eyes that he has a surprise for her, reluctantly Bimpe closes her eyes. He finally tells her to open her eyes and she finds a ring which leaves her speechless. Yinka proposes to her and with excitement, Bimpe agrees to marry him.

Okiki after remembering his youth days with Bimpe and how hot tempered she has always been, still professes his love to her in solitude.

Okiki is in the sitting room reading a magazine when Bimpe approaches him. She is infuriated that he did not send money into her account for her business as agreed. Okiki promises to send it to her but that she should give him some time. In anger, Bimpe leaves his presence.

Bimpe is all alone in the bed saddened that the husband- Okiki is taking her for granted. She feels that it is because he is richer. She makes up her mind to also show him.

Bimpe calls their maid- Salewa and orders her to get her box from the room and put in her car. The maid pleads with her not to pack out of the house but Bimpe insults her terribly. Meanwhile, Okiki is in a meeting with some people in his office. Bimpe has finished packing her items in the house after which she zooms off. Salewa attempts calling her boss- Okiki with the gateman’s phone, but he is out of airtime. Minutes later, Okiki’s secretary brings a phone to him telling him that the call is from home. The caller tells him that his wife already packed her belongings. Okiki exclaims and quickly excuses himself from the meeting.

Peju is in the sitting room with Bimpe’s son- Femi and daughter- Detola. Femi tells Peju that his mum packed all her belongings while Detola tells her that her phones are unreachable. Peju wonders why her friend decides to take the birthday issue so serious. She calms Bimpe’s children and assures them that she knows where to find their mum. Peju takes them to the hotel and asks after Bimpe but the front desk attendant tells her that there is no one with such name on their list. Peju describes Bimpe to the front desk personnel which makes him remember the lady Peju is talking about. He tells her that she already checked out but has a message for her with the hotel manager. The hotel manager walks in on them and tells the front desk personnel to hand Peju the envelope and the key he handed to him in the morning. Peju and Femi read the content of the letter and they are saddened.
Okiki is with his children- Detola and Femi in the sitting room, he assures them that their mum- Bimpe would return and that they shouldn’t be depressed. He reassures their daughter- Detola who is skeptical about the return that their mum would return.

Detola, the daughter of Bimpe and Okiki Adesanya is in the house of her fiancé. She is chatting with the parents of her fiancé- Jide /Damola Olatunji/ but she is feeling depressed with her mum for leaving them. Her prospective in-law advise her to put herself together that her mum would return when she is calm about the whole issue.

Two ladies that work in Okiki’s company are gisting about Okiki’s gift to his wife Bimpe. The first lady asks if it is a crime to give one’s spouse a bible as a birthday gift, and the other lady says it is a crime for a rich person to give a bible to the wife especially when she already has a bible. The first lady tells the other lady that there is a probability that their boss may have intended adding something else aside the bible. She tells the other lady that their boss’s wife is impatient and her behaviour has weighed their boss down which is making him unable to attend to clients.

Detola and her husband to be- Jide visits his parents who are on their way out. Jide teases his parents that they look like a couple to be. His dad also teases him that he and his mum have been married long before they had him, but they are waiting for him and Detola to pick a suitable date for their wedding. His father advises both of them to learn to apologize anytime they offend each other. He tells them to love each other. He advises Detola not to try and claim equal right with her fiance. Jide’s parents go for their party leaving both Detola and Jide in the house. Meanwhile, Detola is all alone in the sitting room when she suddenly remembers good old family time. She remembers when she and her brother- Femi after returning from school meet their parents on their way out looking so pleasant together. Femi tells their parents they are looking sweet while Bimpe- their mum, claims to be sweeter than their daddy- Okiki. Femi backs his mum and says she is sweeter, while Detola backs her daddy and says he is looking sweeter. They all tease around the matter before saying good byes. After remembering the good old days, Detola is filled with tears. Her fiancé- Jide notices her mood and asks her what the problem is but she tells him she is okay.

Okiki is depressed as he sits in his office chair. A call comes in through the company phone but he shuns it. His secretary enters his office and notices that he is deep in thought. She calls him countlessly till he is able to pull out from his deep thought. She tells him that she has been trying to reach him on phone to tell him that he has a visitor but he is not picking. Okiki reminds her that he already told her to cancel all appointments for the day. He admonishes her that if she still wants to retain her job, she should always follow his instructions.
Bimpe who now owns a saloon calls one of her stylists and asks why she did not tidy up the place where she made a customer’s hair; the stylist explains to Bimpe that the reason is because she wants to wash the rollers, Bimpe tells her to pack the other ones she used in making hair and wash as well.

Bimpe’s son- Femi is on the phone with his mother; he hands the phone to his sister- Detola and tells him that their mother wants to speak with her. Reluctantly, she collects the phone and tells her mum not to call her again if she is not ready to forgive their dad. Femi pleads with his sister- Detola that they should both pray that peace be restored again between their parents. He assures her that their mum would return.

Okiki is in his office with his friend as he narrates what is happening between him and his wife and her reason for packing out. His friend assures him that his wife would come back once she calms down. Okiki also affirms that he believes she would return too. He advices Okiki to avoid depression in order not to die suddenly. Okiki accepts and tells him that life and business has to go on. Okiki asks his friend about Abuja state and also asks him what he would love to eat.

Bimpe is in her saloon remembering the old good family bond. She remembers her nice time with husband and children on the dining table. She again remembers the evening her husband massaged her. Okiki on his own part is depressed; he has consumed a large amount of alcoholic drink and his eyes are unclear. He sits on the couch and pours more drink in his glass cup. He stares blankly at the bed and sings a moody song to himself.

Okiki is in the sitting room with a family member and a bosom friend of his who are concerned about the health implication of his depression. The family member advises him to marry another woman who would be a companion to him. Okiki replies him that he and his wife are not separated but have a little misunderstanding and that she would return. His friend also backs him up and tells the family member that the wife would truly return. He advises that they should pray for them. Okiki’s family member finally succumbs.

Okiki is in the office with his lawyer. He tells him that he wants to make adjustments on his will. His lawyer is aghast as to why he wants to change it as he feels the current will with him is the best. They both fix a suitable day for the adjustment of the will.

Bimpe stumbles on her daughter- Detola in front of a saloon but she shuns her mum and walks pass without greeting her. Bimpe accuses her husband of instructing her daughter not to greet her anymore. Detola tells her mum that their dad has nothing to do with it but her wrong attitude as well as her lingering anger because of a bible gift is what is upsetting. Detola furiously tells her mum that they are not missing her and then walks away. Bimpe is surprised at her daughter’s behaviour and feels that she is ignorant.

Detola is in her fiance’s house- Jide and tells him what she did to her mum. Jide gets upset with her for shunning her mum. He gives her three days to look for her mum and apologize to her.

Okiki is outside the house reading a magazine, his daughter- Detola sights him and joins him. Okiki asks Detola about her fiancé- Jide and she tells him that he has travelled. Detola afterwards tells her daddy that she saw her mum. Okiki suddenly gets a heart attack and Detola cries out for help.

Detola and brother- Femi are with the doctor /Jide Kosoko/ of the hospital where they rushed their daddy to. He has been their dad’s physician for ten years. He tells them that their dad has been suffering from chronic liver problem for a long time which got worsened when he started taking alcohol again which is harmful to the kidney. He tells them that the sudden drinking habit is as a result of the depression over the separation between their father and mother. The doctor advises them to get their mum in order to help stop their daddy from drinking. Adetola and Femi promise to get their mum.

Bimpe’s son- Femi stumbles on their mum’s bosom friend Peju. They exchange greetings. Femi tells her that their dad- Okiki has been sick for two months and his mum’s line is unreachable. Peju promises to look for ways to get in touch with their mum again and tell her about her husband’s sickness. Peju asks about the wellbeing of his sister Detola afterwhich they say their goodbye.
Peju calls Bimpe on the phone and tells her that she needs to see her urgently. Bimpe agrees to see her.

Bimpe meets with Peju at her place, she tells Bimpe that her husband is terribly sick and is depressed over her and needs her presence. Bimpe shuns Peju’s words and tells her that her husband is only pretending. She switches topic and tells her friend to serve her food. Peju is aghast at her friend’s behaviour.
Detola and brother Femi are in the hospital. The doctor announces to them that their dad has passed on.

Jide calls his father and tells him about the death of his fiancées father.
Bimpe after hearing the news of Okiki’s death drives in with Peju into their compound. The gateman makes a ridicule of Bimpe behind her for refusing to forgive her husband and for refusing to show up until his death. Bimpe enters the sitting room and sees tons of people crying. She asks her daughter- Detola if their dad is truly dead and in tears Detola answers yes. On hearing this, she drops her bag on the floor and weeps bitterly. Her friend- Peju consoles her.

The family lawyer is in the apartment of late Okiki to announce his will to his family members. The lawyer calls in one other member of the family- Mrs. Bridget Oluwole into the sitting room and Bimpe is shocked to see her first child /adopted/. Bimpe asks Bridget when she arrived. Bridget tells her and replies that she asks after her from their daddy. Bridget then remembers her chat with her late dad- Okiki where he tells her that her mum left him because he gave her a holy bible as birthday gift. Bridget is not happy that her dad gave their mother a holy bible as a birthday gift when there are many bibles in the house as well as other beautiful things to present as birthday gifts. She tells her daddy that he shouldn’t have done that knowing that their mum is hot tempered. Bridget then tells her daddy that if her husband buys a bible as a birthday gift, she would also be upset. Okiki tells their first child- Bridget that their mum could have accepted the bible first and wait for what comes next. Okiki reminds their first daughter- Bridget that the reason he sent her abroad was because their mum accused him of loving her more than the other children. After Bridget’s quick remembrance, Bimpe welcomes her home again and her grandchild as well. Bimpe then remembers her friend Peju telling her that her husband is now married to another smaller lady who already has a daughter for him which makes her more angry. The lawyer introduces Bridget and tells the house that she is an adopted daughter of late Okiki and Bimpe. The lawyer plays the cd in which late Okiki recorded his will. He gives his house in the village to his family members, then the rent of his two houses at Okota to the needy, he gives Bridget and her husband the house they are living in, he then shares all his property equally with his other children while he bequeathed the same birthday gift- bible as inheritance to his wife Bimpe. In the cd, Okik tells Bimpe to read the bible verses he has written out and then meet the lawyer for direction. The lawyer beckons on Bimpe to see him. Meanwhile Okiki’s family members leave the house after the sharing of the will. They make jest of Bimpe as soon as they step out from the sitting room, saying she truly deserves the bible as inheritance. The gateman sights Okiki’s family members, he abuses and calls them lazy people who want to inherit where they did not sow. Having eavesdropped at the announcing of the will, the gateman calls his late boss a wicked man for giving a bible to his wife as inheritance. He says that if someone gives him a bible as a gift, he will fight with the person first on earth and then go and continue the fight in heaven. The family lawyer is now with Bimpe, he consoles her and tells her not to worry over the sharing of the will and what the husband has given her. He hands the bible her husband initially bequeathed to her as a birthday gift back to her and pleads with her to read the bible verses. Bimpe accepts the bible and thanks the lawyer for his effort and advice.

Bimpe is all alone in the room. She remembers how she flared up with her husband Okiki for sending 3 million naira into her account as against the 5 million naira she demanded for. She sits down, removes the cover of the bible and reads through the verses written out for her to read by her late husband- Okiki- Prov 21;19, James 1;2-4, Prov 31; 10-31. As she reads the last verse, she finds a letter written by her husband Okiki- she exclaims in shock as she reads through. She cries loudly and prays that her husband forgives her. In her tears, her children Detola and Femi rush in to know why she is crying. Femi reads the letter out and finds out that that their late dad actually put a bigger gift in the bible for their mum. The letter says he made a deposit of the sum of two million pounds in a Swiss account he opened for her. Bimpe continues weeping uncontrollably and the children try to console her.
Bimpe and all her kids- Bridget, Femi and Detola visit the burial ground of their late father Okiki paying homage to him.


The beautiful diva is the brain behind the movie Agbelebumi. She also featured in the movie and acted as Detola Adesanya- the daughter of Bimpe and Hon. Okiki Adesanya.

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