The movie centered round an extremely wealthy submissive lady Tamara, who married Adeleke not knowing that he was already married with kids, lived a flirteous life, duped women and killed them after wards. Adeleke found his way into the hands of Tamara and saw her as his next hit target. Adelekes successful tactics with other women didn’t eventually breakthrough with Tamara.

The first scene opens with a married woman Tamara (Yewande Adekoya) sitting outside her compound and reading a newspaper. In front of her is bottled water placed on a small stool. Shortly after, her husband Adeleke (Muyiwa Ademola) joins her while holding with him, his wife Tamara’s phone. He tells her that her phone has been ringing for a while and then he hands her phone to her. Tamara calls the number back, while the husband faces the direction of the driver Adigun (Abimbola Kazeem), asking him if he has finished washing the car to which Adigun replies yes. Tamara finally gets through to the number that has been calling her line ceaselessly and she receives devastating news that her younger sister, Solape (Solape) has been shut by an assassin at Donald’s hotel. Tamara refuses to believe the news, while the husband tries pacifying her. Moments later, the husband goes in to change into a better cloth while another call comes through Tamara’s phone confirming Solape’s death. Perturbed Tamara without a second wait leaves her husband behind with the intention of quickly getting to the scene of the incident. Tamara drives recklessly, almost hitting two pedestrians, and then moments later gets involved in an accident. Passersby gather around her car all sympathizing with her. Tamara’s husband- Adeleke gets a call that his wife has been involved in an accident. He queries the gateman/driver for letting his wife leave the house in that worried manner. He threatens to deal with him if anything happens to his wife.

Adeleke waits impatiently at the hospital where Tamara his wife is receiving treatment. The doctor soon approaches him and tells him that his wife has gained consciousness after three days of being unconsciousness. Adeleke shows his excitement that his wife has regained consciousness and eulogizes her in front of the doctor. He tells the doctor that Tamara his wife is his life. The doctor tells him that Tamara has been shouting Solape after she gained consciousness. Adeleke then tells the doctor that Solape is Tamara’s younger sister who died few days ago. He tells the doctor that Tamara’s accident is as a result of the devastating news about her sister’s death. Adeleke goes further to tell the doctor that Solape was very close to the family. The doctor then advices him to be very close to his wife and do things that will make her happy. The doctor also tells him that his wife was eight weeks pregnant but lost it due to the accident. The doctor consoles Adeleke, encouraging him to be a man. The doctor leaves telling him to see him in the office.
Tamara is all alone in the dark at a grave yard where she wishes her late sister- Solape was alive. She calls her late sister a friend and confidant. She is deeply saddened that her younger sister has left her behind. She wonders what her sister was doing around the hotel at 2:00pm prior to her death when she ought to be praying. She wonders who her sister may have tangled with that ended up taking her life. She is hurt that her sister did not listen to her when she told her to shun worldly things. She regrets that Solape has died as she has been saving money for her master’s degrees at Harvard since her late sister wanted to study there. Sorrowfully, Tamara regrets that that wasn’t feasible any longer as she was already 6 feet down along with her dreams and aspirations. She prays that God forgives her sins and lets her soul rest in peace.

Tamara is seen outside her late younger sister’s school hostel (Solape) where she retrieves all Solape’s items from her roommate. Solape’s roommate consoles Tamara and tells her that they are all pained by her death. She then tells Tamara before her departure that her late sister (Solape) changed drastically as soon as she got to her final level on campus. She tells her that her late sister was always drinking, hardly attended classes, and that she on her part tried bringing her back to her senses but late Solape told her to mind her business. Tamara thanks her for the information and then decides to leave the hostel but late Solape’s roommate asks her how far the police have gone with investigation on Solape’s death. Tamara replies that so far that the police only said that her death could be her association with the cult guys. Tamara promises to call late Solape’s roommate from time to time and then prays that such calamity will not befall her after which Tamara leaves the surrounding.

Tamara is seen counseling a lady on marriage. The lady is concerned about Tamara’s state of being after Solape’s death. Tamara tells the lady that she has accepted fate concerning the death of her younger sister. Tamara then shifts the conversation to the lady sitted beside her and tells her that she is concerned about her sudden change of attitude in her marriage as her husband called her to inform her about her bad attitude. The lady in return tells Tamara her own part of the story. She tells her that her husband complains about everything even though she tries her best. She further tells Tamara that she is tired of the marriage and wants to opt out. But Tamara quickly rebukes her words and tells her not to say that again. Tamara tells the lady that even if her husband offends her, she should keep begging him and go as far as calling other people to help beg her husband on her behalf also. Tamara tells her to go home, get on her knees and then plead with her husband to forgive her. The lady is amazed that Tamara wants her to still plead with her husband despite his unkind acts to her. Tamara tells her to go and settle with her husband and she reluctantly agrees to. Tamara then asks her if Tawa has taken the money to the bank, the lady replies yes, after which Tamara tells her to close at 9:00pm. She then reiterates her words again to the lady as she steps out. ‘Go and beg your husband’. Seconds after, a call comes through Tamara’s phone, it’s her husband- Adeleke. He tells her that he is missing her so much and that he wants to eat a special food. He calls variety of food and the assorted meat he wants and then tells Tamara to branch to the market to buy all the ingredients needed to cook the food. Moments later they both end the call.

Tamara’s husband (Adeleke) is seen in the living room with a beautiful lady after the brief chat he had with his wife on the phone requesting for special food. The beautiful lady is upset about Adeleke’s call to his wife. She realizes that Adeleke’s wife may come in soon, so she quickly grabs her handbag and phone from the table in an attempt to leave the house immediately. Adeleke tells her that his wife is not coming home soon as he devised ways to delay her getting home through the food items he asked her to buy in the market. He tells the lady that he wants a quickie (quick sex) from her, after which they both get down to it.

Tamara is seen buying food stuffs in the market. She first goes to the yam seller to buy yam and then to the tomato seller to buy tomatoes. She hurries the tomato lady and tells her that her husband is famished and has not eaten food since. By the time Tamara finished buying food stuffs in the market, it was already dark. She gets home and finds her husband sitting down in the living room; he welcomes her home and tells her that he is extremely famished. He then tells her to go and pound the yam. As Tamara was about leaving for the kitchen, she finds a female accessory on the floor and asks the husband if he welcomed a female visitor as she doesn’t own such accessory. Adeleke lies that it is for KBR- which means Kubura. The gateman who is behind Tamara with the items she bought from the market also testifies that it is for Aunt Kubura. Adeleke gets upset with the gateman for interfering in the conversation between he and his wife. The gateman quickly apologizes to Adeleke, but he keeps scolding him. Tamara asks Adeleke who Kubura is and he lies that Kubura is his friend in America younger sister. He tells Tamara that his friend is sorting out his car and asked his younger sister to get some documents from him. Tamara tells Adeleke to call his American friend and tell him that his sister has forgotten her bangle afterwhich she heads to the kitchen leaving her husband with the gateman. Adeleke is infuriated with the gateman and tells him that he will deal with him personally. Tamara calls the gateman and he lives the sitting room to answer her call.

Adeleke is alone in the bedroom but Tamara joins him shortly. Tamara asks her husband why he has not slept yet and he tells her that he is troubled. Adeleke tells his wife that a company has given him 5million naira out of 20million naira contract promising to balance at the end of the work, but that he already exhausted the 5million on their work and he is not even half done. Adeleke tells his wife that when he visited the company to request for more money, the company outrightly told him that the money would be fully paid after the completion of his work. Tamara tries to pacify him telling him that God will resolve it. Adeleke continues showing his troubles towards the lack of fund to complete the contract and tells his wife that she didn’t observe his mood swings like she usually does. He then tells her that he ate the pounded yam because of the time it took her to buy and prepare the food. He then stylishly tells the wife that he doesn’t want to bother her because she would always go out of her way to get him the money. Adeleke shows disinterest in the wife’s money reminding her that she just gave him 7million naira which he is yet to repay. He tells her that he wants to bear the problem alone and wouldn’t be bordered if they lock him up for not completing the work, as he would only go to prison and then return. Tamara after listening to all he said asks how much more he needed to complete the work. Adeleke refuses to tell Tamara. He says, he knows she would start running around to source money for his sake. He tells the wife that though it is destined for her to be richer than him, that he is happy about it but wont accept her cleaning his financial mess all the time. Tamara again asks how much money he needs more and he finally tells her 12million naira. Tamara says the money is much but she would loan him 12million naira from her business money. He tells Adeleke to please return the money once they give him the remaining balance. Adeleke cleans his tears, and tells his wife that she always makes him happy and always wipes his tears. Tamara replies him that he is her husband and his everything. Soon, a call comes through Adeleke’s phone and he refuses to pick the call telling Tamara that he doesn’t want anything to interfere at that moment.

A beautiful lady (one of Adeleke’s concubines- the lady who was with him the other day at his place and had dropped her bangle) is seen raking outside one of Tamara’s businesses. She shouts at the staff telling them that she wants to see Tamara and not them. The staff refuses her in if she wouldn’t say why she wants to see their boss. The more they keep her out, the more hostile she gets with them. One of the staff unable to take her ill manners insults her back. But the lady keeps shouting that she wants to see their boss. In the heat of the argument, Tamara walks in on them demanding to know what the problem is. Without beating around the bush, she tells her that she is pregnant for her husband. She again tells Tamara that Adeleke duped her of 700,000 naira and she wants the money back. The beautiful lady keeps shouting, till Tamara raises her voice back on her and asks if she is crazy. Tamara then asks her why she decided to come to her rather than Adeleke that impregnated her as well as collected her money. She tells her to leave her premises if she is not ready to discuss issues maturely.

Tamara and Adeleke are both seated on the dining table. Adeleke is seen eating his food while Tamara is moody. There is a flashback of Tamaras chat with the beautiful lady that is pregnant for her husband. In the flashback, Tamara leads her to one of the rooms in her office and she apologizes to Tamara. She tells Tamara that she already aborted the pregnancy but that she needs her money back in order to buy goods at Dubai to better her life. She tells Tamara that her husband stopped picking her calls or replying her messages after he gave him the money. She tells Tamara that she thought Adeleke destroyed his sim-card as well as gave her money to Tamara for her gas station business. She then pleads with Tamara to favor her and look beyond the fact that she dated her husband in the past. She pleads with Tamara to help her get the money. Tamara is back to reality again still moody. Adeleke finally notices her mood and asks her what the problem is and the reason she is not eating, Tamara tells him that she doesn’t have appetite. Adeleke again asks what the problem is and she voices out. Tamara tells Adeleke that his girlfriend came to see her at the filling station. Adeleke pretends to be shocked at what the wife is saying. Tamara continues her story and tells him that the name of his girlfriend is Sade and that Sade claims that he impregnated her and rejected her pregnancy. That he also borrowed a sum of 700,000 naira from her and refused to pay back. Adeleke denies the allegations and tells the wife that she should have arrested the lady with a police instantly. Tamara reacts to Adeleke’s response to all she had said and tells him that she is not in the mood for his games or jokes and that what she is actually telling him is hurting her. Tamara then tells Adeleke that she paid the 700,000 naira back to the girl. Adeleke gets infuriated at what Tamara did and shouts at her for believing the stranger’s story. Tamara is vexed with her husband and then calls him a bastard. Adeleke in anger rises from his chair and slaps her for calling him a bastard. He shouts at her and calls her stupid and a moron for believing the lady. Adeleke calls Tamara a bigger bastard, an idiot and a fool. He loses appetite and tells Tamara to eat the food she had prepared for them. Soon Adeleke’s phone rings, he leaves the sitting room for the bedroom to pick up the call. He tells the caller not to call him again as he already told the caller that he would be the one calling instead. The caller requested for 200,000 naira and he promises to send the money and then cuts the call quickly. Adeleke then drops his phone and leaves the bedroom. Tamara walks in, sights Adeleke’s phone on the bed and scrolls through. She writes down the last caller’s number on her palm and then drops the phone back on the bed to avoid being caught by the husband. Adeleke walks into the bedroom and sees Tamara on her knees. Tamara pleads with Adeleke to forgive her for being childish and promises never to do that again. Adeleke accepts Tamara’s plea and tells her not to allow the envious people separate them. He tells Tamara that he loves her and that she is his joy. They both apologize to each other. After the apologies, Adeleke tells the wife that he is travelling to Abuja by air and had gotten his ticket already. Tamara wishes him a safe journey and then offers to drop him at the airport before going to her for office. Minutes later, Tamara tells Adeleke that she would need her 10 million naira back from the 19 million she borrowed him. Adeleke is thrown into a state of confusion as he doesn’t know where to get the money and repay his debts to his wife. Tamara observes his facial expression but ignores it at that moment and does her dutifully role of kneeling down to thank the husband in advance concerning the payment of his debt.

Tamara is all alone in her car. She finally calls the number she got off her husband’s phone and a female voice picks it up. Tamara tells the other lady that she is one of Adeleke’s employees and he sent her to deliver some amount of money and other goods to her but that she has misplaced her home address. She tells the lady to resend the address which she did. Tamara soon visits the lady with a bag of goods. The lady is surprised that Adeleke fulfilled his promise before the said date. Tamara tells her that Adeleke wanted to surprise her. Tamara hands the 200,000 naira cash to her and then looks round the house while the other lady looks through Tamara 2downloadthe goodies in the bag. Tamara sees a picture of her husband-Adeleke and the lady in a frame, more like a couple pictures. She is so shocked about the picture and stylishly tells the woman that the picture is nice. Oblivious that Tamara, is also another wife of Adeleke; the lady shares juicy information about them. She tells Tamara that the picture would be ten years in the next month and that she has lost the contact of the guy that framed the picture as she would also love him to make a portrait of his two boys (Segun and Deji). Tamara is torn by the information she is hearing about her husband, Adeleke. The unsuspecting lady goes on and on to tell Tamara that Adeleke just enrolled his children in the boarding house. The lady finally notices Tamara’s lack of comfort and asks her if she is alright. Tamara summons all courage to tell her yes and that she is just feeling sudden heat. The lady sympathizes with her and tells her that the AC is on. The lady after all her chit chat then asks Tamara what she would like to take and Tamara being depressed already tells her that she is okay with anything. Again, the lady tells her to specify what she would like to take and Tamara tell her that she has kept her company already that she is already full. The lady excuses herself to drop the bag and cash in the inner room and tells Tamara to make herself comfortable. Tamara is in tears over the picture stirring right back at her.

Tamara is in solitude in a non-busy area with few vehicles passing by. She soliloquies. She is in depression that she a marriage counselor is put to shame by her husband. She realizes that her marriage to Ade is nothing but a mirage and that Adeleke has been deceiving her forever as he not only flirts and keeps concubines but wives. She wonders how she has been married to him for two years without suspecting any wrong thing about him. Tamara calls Adeleke insane and says he has put himself to shame and not her. Just then, a call comes through her and she picks the call. It’s late Solape’s roommate, Nike, who asks her if she has packed all her sister’s belongings and she says yes. Tamara tells the Nike that she is in town and will stop by at her place after which Tamara ends the call.

Adeleke is seen on a land in Abuja where building is going on; he tells the builders what he wants and how he wants his house. Adeleke tells them not to overcharge him for workmanship, but should be moderate. Minutes later, a call comes through his phone and he picks it. It is his wife, mummy Deji whom Tamara had visited and given 200,000 naira cash with a bag of goodies. He calls her Tope but still insists that she should not call him but wait for him to do the calls. Tope tells Adeleke that she is calling to appreciate him for what he sent to her through his employee. She then tells him thank you. Adeleke tells her that he doesn’t understand what she is saying. Tope explains further of the goodies but Adeleke still insists that he has no idea of what she is talking about. Confused Tope then decides to describe the lady. Her perfect description of a woman with a hijab and not too tall woman matches that of Tamara. Tope then tells Adeleke that the lady before leaving siad her name was Tamara. Adeleke is suddenly gripped with fear at the sound of that name, he takes off his specks immediately, ends the call promising to call Tope later. He calls a friend- Abbey and pleads with him to arrange an impromptu ticket from any airline for him back to Lagos and that he would pay him any amount. Confused Adeleke leaves his site in a hurry shunning the builders as they try getting his attention.

Later that evening, Tamara is seen at the late sister’s hostel to pick the item her roommate- Sade did not include in her belongings. She apologizes to Tamara for delaying her and hands her a brown envelope belonging to Solape. The lady notices Tamara’s unhappy mood and asks her what the problem is. Tamara feigns happy and tells her that she is alright and as a matter of fact, it is her happiest day. Tamara leaves the hostel for home and drops the envelope carelessly oblivious of the picture that fell from it. Her phone keeps ringing but she refuses to pick. She is crossed with Adeleke for what she had discovered about him earlier. In her anger, she looks down and sees a picture on the floor that had fallen from the envelope Sade handed over to her. It is Adeleke’s picture. The picture catches her attention and she picks it. She is stunned as to what her husband’s picture would be doing in her sister’s folder. She scrolls through her sister’s diary and discovers all the hidden truth; how she admired Adeleke, her intimate relationship with Adeleke, her pregnancy for him that led to their fight when Adeleke tells her to terminate it and she refuses to and she then threatens to expose him to her sister and their plan to meet at the Donalds hotel before she was assassinated. Tamara throws Solape’s diary on the floor after discovering the shocking truth. She runs out of the living room beckoning on Adigun to open the gate. Adigun questions Tamara about her where she is going, but Tamara calls him crazy. Adigun is scared as he doesn’t want Adeleke his boss to quarry him about his wife’s disappearance.

Adeleke finally returns from his Abuja trip while Adigun opens the gate for him. Adigun asks him about Abuja people and tells him that Tamara is not aware of his return. Adigun tries to tell him what he observed and the likely danger ahead but Adeleke pushes him off threatening to deal with him if he says another word. Adigun keeps quiet leaving Adeleke to himself. Adeleke walks into the living room shouting Tamara’s name. The long waiting Tamara quietly welcomes him. Adeleke is vexed at her
welcoming and then quarries her for going over to visit his ex. He calls Tamara a jealous woman and goes on and on. Tamara is infuriated with his lies and deceit and calls him a big fool. Adeleke who had never been insulted by Tamara turns around to see if Tamara is actually talking to him or someone else. He realizes it is him and he is a little dumbfounded. Adeleke gets hold of himself and asks Tamara what has come over her, and where the arrogance is coming from. He further tries explaining that the lady Tamara went to visit is his ex but Tamara tells him to shut up. She tells him that the issue at hand is not a joking matter. Adeleke again tries to lie harder but Tamara insults him harder, unable to take the insults anymore, he tries to beat her like he does, but before he could, Tamara points a gun at him. Tamara tells him to get down on his knees and say his last prayers. Adeleke pleads with Tamara not to let him say his last prayers. Tamara opens up his cans of worms to him about him killing her sister before pulling the trigger. A knock brings her back to reality from the initial hallucination of killing her husband with a gun. Adeleke walks in and they exchange pleasantries. He asks Tamara why she refuses to pick her calls. Adeleke then tells Tamara that he knows that she has discovered the truth about Tope and from her looks she is no longer interested in the marriage. Tamara keeps mum, stirring at him as he keeps talking. He tells Tamara that he can explain everything. But Tamara tells him to explain the content in Solape’s diary instead. Adeleke realizes that his sin is no longer hidden. Tamara tells him that she showed him love, money, overlooked his shortcomings but he has the effrontery to sleep with her younger sister and went as far as killing her. She calls him devil. Adeleke hearing Tamara call her devil pleases him. He confirms to Tamara that since she knows him now, there is no problem. He again says he is the devil. He confirms his relationship with her sister and then confirms killing her as well. Tamara tells Adeleke that he would spend the rest of his life in jail for all his evil deeds, but Adeleke quiets her and says no one can send him to jail. He hails himself constantly. He tells Tamara that he intends finishing up his job with her today. He then brings out a document containing a self-written will for Tamara that transfers all her property to him after she appends her signature. Tamara refuses and he and points a gun at her. He threatens her further. Tamara shouts on top of her voice saying ‘what are you people waiting for, do you want him to kill him’. Unsuspecting Adeleke didn’t know he has met his waterloo until the police rushes in and asks him to drop his weapon. Extremely shocked Adeleke drops his weapon and surrenders to the police. The police arrests Adeleke for the murder of Solape. Adeleke is sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour.


Yewande Adekoya is the brain behind the youruba movie ‘Tamara’. The beautiful actress is an exceptional personality. She is not only beautiful but also multi-talented. She is an actor, writer, producer as well as a director. Her popular works include Kudi Klepto which features Odunlade Adekola.

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