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The movie ‘brother’s keeper’ is about two identical twins Chidi and Chude Nwankwo played by Majid Michael from a rich background. One of the twins is responsible while the other is irresponsible. The responsible twin (Chude) is married and has twin boys as well- David and Daniel Nwankwo; making it two sets of twins in the movie- that is an adult twin and the kid twin. Chude manages the family business and he is seen as a goal getter. But one day, one of the adult twin and one of the kid twin are both killed and everything suddenly turns around. What could be the cause? Find out in the review


The first scene opens with one of the (adult) half twin boy (Majid Micheal) in cream shirt waiting for his other twin brother (Majid Micheal). The other twin who looks just exactly like him, walks in wearing a white shirt with one of his (kid) twin sons David (Tobe Omoni). The (adult) twin in white shirt asks his other (adult) twin brother (in cream shirt) the reason they are meeting in that house, but he shuns the question and focuses on his child instead and asks him why he brought his son with him. The (adult) twin in white shirt tells him that his son is not feeling too well and they are both coming from the hospital. He replies that he ought not to bring his child because it is a private meeting. Suddenly, someone hits the (adult) twin in white shirt him with a gun from the back. He screams painfully and then falls on the floor. The men shoot him and then shoot his son as well. The other (adult) twin screams and cries, while the assassins leave him with a message that the ‘Don’ changed his mind.

People are gathered and wailing at the burial ceremony of one half of the (adult) twin and one half of the (kid) twin.

One half of the (adult) twin (Majid Michael) is seen frolicking with his wife- Mena (Omoni Oboli) in the kitchen. He smacks his Mena’s backside and she tells him it’s his first time of doing that. Mena tells her husband that she needs to go and pack his lunch and the snacks of their surviving twin. He replies her that he would order for launch or go to the restaurant. His wife tells him that but she usually packs his launch for him. He tells her that he wants to kiss her and look into her eyes much longer and tell her how much he loves her. He kisses her and tells her that he is going to miss her. His wife playfully tells him that he is just going to work and not on a journey. The house girl interrupts their love mood saying that she is almost done packing. Mena tells the house help to get their son Daniel; the surviving kid twin. Mena’s husband asks her why she borders herself to still pack the lunch after telling her that he would get launch outside and she replies him that she doesn’t know why he is objecting as he is always packs lunch for him. Daniel walks in and greets his mum. Mena smells his mouth to see if he brushed well. She asks Daniel if she has seen his daddy and he replies no. She turns him to where his Dad is standing and he greets his daddy as well. His dad replies him that since they don’t want to be late, they should hurry to school.

The surviving adult twin (Chude) is in a board meeting with the other staff of the company. Chude tells them on his intention to suddenly acquire a company. One of the staff – Mr. Okpako tells him that he is making the wrong move that the company should rather acquire another company based on the capacity building that they want. He tells Chude that the company should be properly investigated first. The only female staff in their midst- Mrs. Philips agrees with Mr. Okpako that company acquisition shouldn’t be taken likely, and that the company just surfaced. Chude replies them with a frown that he has done thorough research on the company and his judgment has never been questioned. He asks if he has ever led the company astray. Chude faces Mrs. Philips directly and expresses his disappointment with her. Mrs. Philips assures him that she and others believe in his judgment and also, he has not failed them in the past. She tells Chude that though the company he intends to buy looks brilliant in paper but they should create time to investigate it. Chude replies her that they do not have the luxury of time. A different male staff voices out and says that he supports Chude because he trusts his judgment and he has never failed them. He tells the other members of staff to give him the benefit of the doubt. Another male staff George tries to say they should research more on it, but Chude quickly shuts him out and adjourns the meeting to the next day.

Chude while driving his car is also on the phone with his mum- Mrs. Nwankwo (Barbara Soki) who already knows about his sudden plan to buy another company. He tells his mum that she doesn’t work in Blue Ocean company but she manages to know whatever happens in the company even before he does. She replies chude that she is a major shareholder in the company and nothing happens without her consent. Chude tells his Mum to trust him on the step he is about to take since he has never let her down in the past. Mrs. Nwankwo replies him that truly he has never let her down but his intention to acquire another company is a drastic decision/ hasty move which is unlike him. His mum tells him that the company looks too good to be true but Chude replies her that that is the big beak their company has been waiting for. He further assures his mum to trust in him that he would deliver. His mum finally succumbs and tells him not to fail her. He promises not to let her down after which he hangs up.

The surviving (kid) twin- Daniel is in the living room drawing. His daddy- Chude walks in. Daniel rushes to his dad to ask how brilliant his work is, but his dad flares up at him which saddens Daniel.

Chude (Majid Michael) and his wife- Mena (Omoni Oboli) are in the bedroom. She asks him if he has tucked their son Daniel in the bed. Chude replies that Daniel is a big boy and he doesn’t need to be tucked in. She replies that Daniel wont be happy if he doesn’t tuck him in bed. Chude goes into Daniel’s room and sees him playing a game. He snatches it from him and then tucks him in bed reluctantly and sets to leave. Daniel reminds him that he hasn’t read the bible to him. He turns back to pick up the bible and reads to him. But Chude instead reads a story book with the title- twelve witches. He reads quarter of the story and notices that Daniel is yet to sleep. He orders him to close his eyes after which he drops the book. He puts off the light on his way out of the room but Daniel pleads with him to turn the light on. Chude demands the reason why he wants the light on and he tells him that he is scared. He orders him to close his eyes and that there is nothing to fear. He returns to his room and then makes love to Mena.

A young man drives into Chude’s compound with a car asking for Mena Nwankwo. Mena reluctantly answers him demanding to know what is happening. The man tells her to sign a paper for him but Mena refuses to sign what she knows nothing about. He finally tells her that her husband Chude sent him to deliver the car. Dumbfounded Mena decides to call her husband first to confirm what the young man is saying. Chude affirms that he sent the car. Mena is excited. She signs the paper after which the young man leaves the house. Mena receives a call and tells the caller that her husband just got a new car for her and she can’t wait to show it.

Chude is on the dining table with his mum- Mrs. Nwankwo. His mum asks if he is done eating and he says he is full. His mum tells him its been long they had dinner together and that’s why she is making sure that he eats well. Chude replies that he is well fed at home by his wife- Mena who is a fantastic cook. His mum teases him that nothing compares to a mother’s cooking to which he replies his mum that she hardly cooks because of the helps that surround her. His mum tells him that she still cooks and the staffs are basically for company works but she keeps them around in order not to be lonely. Finally Chude’s mum tells him that he used to visit her often but he has suddenly changed. Chude replies that the pressure and stress from work is much. He tells his mum that he would be okay soon. His mum tells him that though he is mourning about the recent deaths, but he is not the only one mourning, that others are mourning as well. She tells him not to let it get into their happiness. Chude keeps a sober face. Chude’s mum switches conversation and tells him that his wife Mena said she should thank him for buying a new car. She thanks his son Chude, but he tells his mum that Mena is his wife and she doesn’t need to thank him for doing his job. Chude tells his mum that he needs to take his leave as his wife would be waiting for him. His mum is saddened that he no longer enjoys their company like before. She realizes that Chude is staying away. He reiterates that it is stress, but he would visit her more often. He stands up and pecks his mum promising to call her once he gets home. Chude’s mum is aghast at Chude’s sudden change.

Chude and Mena are in the bedroom when Mena tells him that he has changed. Chude then asks if she isn’t okay with the change. Mena replies that she likes the change. She tells him that he is different though. They both decide to put everything that has happened behind them and move on.

Chude is in the office with the rest of the staff where they are rejoicing that the company stock hit the roof. They all congratulate Chude on the brilliant business decision he made. They are happy that he didn’t let them down. Chude promises to find more lucrative ways to move the business forward.

A flashback of the adult twins /Chude and Chidi Nwankwo/ in the same car; Chude is wearing blue while Chidi is wearing black. Chidi tells Chude to run to him rather than to their mum and tell him what is going on. Chude tells Chidi that he is worried about him on when he would grow up and act responsible. Chude then tells Chidi that there is no way he can withdraw a huge amount of money without telling anyone. Chidi rebukes his other twin Chude and tells him never to talk to him about growing up. Chude reminds Chidi of their mum’s hard work in building the company. He tells Chidi that his intentions are to take all and blow it all up at once. Chude asks Chidi what he did with the money and he replies Chude that it is none of his business. Chude replies that it is his business because it is family money. Chidi replies him that he is investing. Chude makes jest of him and tells him that he is investing in women. Chidi shouts at him to move the car. He wakes up and sees his mum just right beside him. He is surprised to see his mum and asks what she has come to do in the office. His mum tells him that she came to congratulate him on the latest achievement. He tells his mum that he is going for lunch and that she should join him but his mum reminds him of how much she detests eating out. She asks Chude if Mena didn’t pack his lunch, he replies that he left home at an unusual time and he asked her not to border. His mum tells him that he wants to see his grandson often. Chude promises to bring him over. He tries to hurry out and his mum asks if he is okay. He replies yes and leaves the office. His mum is aghast.

Chude and his family are taking dinner. Daniel finishes eating and kisses his parent goodnight. Chude is worried that Mena pampers Daniel a lot. Meanwhile, Mena is upset with Chude, with a frown, she asks Chude about the lady he was with in the daytime. Mena reminds Chude that she saw him along the road with a lady when she was driving. Chude finally remembers the lady his wife- Mena is talking about and tells her that the lady is Cassandra, his late twin’s girlfriend. He tells Mena that they were both expressing their condolences to each other since they both lost someone dear to them. Mena is out with a smile happy that Chude is not having extra marital affair.

Chude and late Chidi’s girlfriend- Cassandra are at a restaurant. Cassandra tells Chude about how the current economy situation in the country is taking a toll on her company and how they are downsizing. She tells Chude that her company took her car and she is left with so much to do but with no car. Chude offers to help take her around since he is available for the day. Cassandra agrees to his kind gesture after a second thought. After helping her out, Chude drops her at home. He enters her house and she offers him wine and cakes. Chude asks Cassandra how she is coping with the death of his late twin- Chidi, and Cassandra tells him how difficult it is to live without him since he was the only man she loved. They talk about old days briefly. Cassandra pours out emotions and cries about how much she loves and misses Chidi to Chude, and Chude gets suddenly emotional. He kisses her passionately and then she pulls off. She reacts to the kiss and Chude apologizes for his behaviour and heads to the door, leaving Cassandra aghast.

Chude gets home and transfers the emotions he started off with Cassandra on his wife. He kisses her madly like never before.
Mena is having a drink with her friend- Amy where she tells her about her husband. Amy advices her to be careful, that men like that are either having extra marital affair or facing middle age crises. She tells Mena that her husband is not facing the latter. Mena is upset with her friend for insinuating that Chude is having an affair with someone else. She angrily tells her friend not to call her again and then walks away.

Cassandra is gisting with her friend Ada when a call comes through her phone; it is Chude calling to apologize for his acts a day before. Cassandra accepts Chude’s apology and tells him that he was carried away by the moment. He pleads to make up for such act and Cassandra agrees with him. Ada inquisitively demands to know the person making her gush like a child, and she replies that it’s late Chidi’s brother. Ada is aghast but is unable to hear the full gist because she has to hook up with someone that night.

Chude and his family are out in a plaza. His wife Mena sees Cassandra and calls her husband’s attention to her. Cassandra sights the family and joins them. Chude introduces his family to Cassandra and vice versa. Cassandra bids them farewell while Mena stares at her admiring her beauty.
Chude is on the phone with Cassandra being inquisitive about what Mena said to her. Cassandra plays around with the conversation and tells Chude that Mena says he is quite bold to be asking her out. As they are conversing, Mena walks in and notices that her husband is on the phone. Chude suspects his wife is at his back and immediately changes the conversion to business talk. Cassandra doesn’t get the drift, but calls Chude back. He refuses to pick the call because of Mena’s presence. He tickles his wife and takes her back to the room, while Cassandra keeps on trying his line.

Mena and son- Daniel are with Chude’s mum. Chude is playing a game on his phone. Mena tells Chude’s mum how much she loves the new change in Chude. Chude’s mum tells her that she is worried as Chude didn’t mourn during the burial. Mena replies her that people mourn in different ways. Chude’s mum then tells Mena that she is determined to live life to the fullest as her husband worked so hard to make money but didn’t enjoy the money. After their conversation about Chude and his new attitude, Mena sets to leave with her son. Chude’s mum beckons on her grandchild to give him a hug which he did. Daniel teases his grandma that she is not a grandma as grandmas are always bending and do not walk steadily.

Chude and Cassandra are at a party dancing while Mena is worried sick that her husband has not returned. She tries calling his line but it isn’t reachable. Both Chude and Cassandra drink, kiss and dance after which they leave to make love in a room.

Chude tiptoes to the bedroom, oblivious that his wife is still awake. Mena turns towards Chude’s direction and asks him where he is coming from. Chude lies that he was with the guyz and that Mena doesn’t know them. He tells her that they are business associates who came in out of the town. He jumps on the bed and with a angry face, Mena tells him to wash the filth off his body.

Mena is on the couch pressing her tab, when her house girl brings in a gift bag for her. In the gift bag are black berry play book, wristwatch, speck, and a card. She realizes that the gifts are from her husband so she throws them on the floor.

Mena is again in a restaurant chatting with her friend Amy where she apologizes for her last conduct. She tells Amy that what she said about her husband the other day is true, and that he is cheating on her. Mena asks her friend Amy to help her out that she has never dealt with a cheating husband before. Amy tells Mena to look and listen first. Amy asks about how Daniel is coping with his dad’s change and Mena tells her that he is quieter. Mena tells Amy that she plans on giving him a sibling. Amy then leaves for her mother in law’s birthday party. Mena thanks her a lot.

Chude is on the phone with Cassandra. She tells him to come over to her place that it is important, but Chude tells her that he has to take his son Daniel to a party. Daniel catches up with his daddy on the stairs ready to go for a party. Daniel’s t shirt reminds Chude of the cloth Daniel’s late twin- David was wearing before he was shot as well as his twin brother. Chude shouts at Daniel to go pull off the t-shirt and change to something else. Daniel tells his daddy that he likes it and insists on wearing it. In anger, Chude tears Daniel’s t-shirt and tells him there would be no party for him again.

Daniel is on the bed but saddened about what transpired between him and his dad earlier that day. Mena enters the room noticing his mood and asks him what happened. He explains to his mum that his dad asked him to take his t-shirt off. Mena sees Daniel’s torn t-shirt and tries to pacify him. He tells him that his dad was probably upset with someone. She asks Daniel why he didn’t take the cloth off and he tells his mum that it’s his late twin’s favourite cloth and wearing the cloth makes him feel close to his late twin- David. Daniel asks his mum why his daddy is mean, and Mena tries to get that thought off his brain by telling him that his dad is going through a lot and they both need to help him. Mena tries to cheer him up by giving him an ice cream treat with cookies and muffins.

Mena and Chude are in bed and Mena expresses her dissatisfaction with Chude on how he treated their son. She tells him that he emotionally battered their son. Chude tells Mena that he is going through a lot, and Mena replies that she is also bereaved not only him. She tells him how much he has changed and how it is affecting every other person around him negatively. She tells him to get hold of himself. Chude pleads with Mena not to give up on him. She assures him that she is not giving up on him but pleads with him not to hurt her and their son through his actions. He relaxes on Mena’s lapse and remembers his fierce argument with Cassandra. Cassandra tells him she can’t take it anymore and he replies that she should leave the kitchen if the heat is too much.
After their last argument, Cassandra is unable to sleep, likewise Chude.

Chude is lost in thought in the office. His secretary walks in with some files and he tells her to bring back the file. But the lady is concerned about his mood and asks if everything is alright with him. He stares blankly at her ignoring her question. She immediately excuses herself from his office. Chude calls Cassandra and tells her that he is ready to confess everything to Mena. He tells Cassandra to meet him at his place at about 8pm. Cassandra agrees and hangs up.

Cassandra is dressed ready to go to Chude’s house but stumbles on her friend Ada. She tells Ada that she is going to Chude’s place. Ada is confused as to why she wants to go to a married man’s place dressed in that way at that time of the night. Cassandra tells Ada that she has got everything under control.

Chude treats his wife- Mena to a nice dinner. While Ada is home alone going through her phone. Mena and Chude start eating. Mena notices that her husband is sweating and he tells her that the heat in the kitchen is too much. Mena tells him that the food is good but wasn’t cooked by him. Chude tells her that he cooked it. Mena appreciates his dinner treat and thanks him.

Daniel sees the ghost of his late twin- David and screams. Mena quickly gets to his room to check on him. He tells his mum that he saw David and she tells him it is a dream. Daniel tells her that his late twin always sits on the bed most times. Mena tells him that dead people don’t appear but they are seen in the dream. Mena holds her son’s hand and prays with him.

Chude is in a meeting with the other staff of the company and there is a big argument. There is a boomerang already as regards the company Chude purchased. The staff members claim it is a fraud. Unable to take any more arguments from them, he walks out on them.

Chude is in the office. His mum calls expressing her dissatisfaction about the fictitious company he bought. In anger, his mum tells him to salvage what he has done.

Chude and his family are in the living room. The house girl comes in and tells them that the police are in the compound. The police walk in with Cassandra’s friend Ada and arrests Chude for the murderer of Cassandra but he claims innocent. Immediately Chude is whisked away, Mena calls Chude’s mum and tells her that Chude has been arrested for murder. Mena tells her to call the family lawyer while Chude’s mum tells her to meet her at her place in the next 30minutes.
Chude’s mum and Mena are in the police station. They tell the DPO that Chude is innocent and incapable of committing murder. They plead with him to release Chude. He lets them know that the allegation against him is serious and it would be hard to let him go immediately. Chude’s mum tells the DPO to take care of her son and not let any harm come to him. She tells the DPO that she would wish to have him at her place for launch as soon as the whole case ends. To which the DPO accepts.

The family lawyer comes in with fresh details that Chude was dating Cassandra before her murder and that people see them together a lot. The DPO says the same thing as well. Both Chude’s mum and Mena are terror filled that Chude could be involved in an extra marital affair. Mena is upset with Chude

Both Chude’s mum and Mena go and visit Chude. Chude claims innocent. He says he was with Mena the night Cassandra was murdered. His mum tells him they would get him off the place. Chude’s mum notices that Mena is still angry about the fact that Chude was cheating on her. Chude’s mum drops a change of cloth for Chude and leaves both Mena and Chude to discuss. In anger, Mena also walks out of him, telling him that she doesn’t know much about him again. A police officer takes him back to the cell.

Mena gives lovely details of what happened between her and her husband the night he was accused of killing to the police officer. She tells the DPO that it was a special night and after the treat they both went to bed. Ada is also in the police station and narrates to the DPO that the night Cassandra was murdered she told her she was going to Chude’s house. The police officer tells Ada that Chude affirms that he has an appointment with Cassandra but she did not show up. The DPO tells Ada that her friend was probably kidnapped by criminals or ritualists. He then tells her that they would let Chude go but would still keep investigating. Ada is angry with the DPO and calls it injustice for trying to let a murderer go scot free. The DPO is peace off at Ada’s outburst and counts her as a suspect. He tells her not leave the hood till investigation is over. In anger, Ada leaves the trio.

Chude is back home but Mena is still upset that he had an affair with his late twins girlfriend. In the heat of their argument, the house girl and Daniel walk in and they put a stop to their argument. Chude’s mum also visits them bringing lunch. She is with Mena and notices that she is still upset with Chude. She tells her to be happy about the victory instead. Mena says Chude has changed and Chude’s mum also feels the same thing. They all dine together while Chude’s mum hands the chocolate he bought for his grandson to him. Chude thanks his mum for standing by him all through his dilemma. She tells him to get hold of himself

Mena is in the bedroom with her husband Chude. She tells him that she is pregnant. Chude is happy and says he is going to be a father. Mena is confused at his words. Chude hugs her and she is a little terrified. She asks him to remind her of the secret she told him during their honey moon and he stares blankly at her. She then realizes that something is wrong. She picks up her phone and leaves the room. Mena calls Chude’s mum and she picks it, but Mena immediately puts the phone aside as soon as she sights and hears the voice of Chude. Chude realizing that his secret as well as his true identity has been exposed asks Mena when she found out his real identity as Chidi. She tells him that she has been suspecting for a while but she just didn’t want to believe it. Mena asks Chidi why and he tells her that their mum disliked him and no one cared about his thoughts or wants. Chidi tells Mena that Chude had everything he wanted. Mena asks him why he killed his own twin. Chidi tells Mena that he didn’t kill Chude technically and narrates to Mena what happened. He tells Mena that he owed a huge sum of money and that the person he owed swore to kill every member of his family if he didn’t pay at a stipulated time. He tells Mena that he had always loved her and couldn’t bear the thought of her dying. Mena accuses Chidi of killing Cassandra and he admits to it. He tells her that the special dinner he made her believe he prepared was brought in by Cassandra after which his boys eliminated her. He tells Mena that he wants her death to look like an accident. He tells her that Cassandra was nosy just like her. Mena plays a fast one on him and tells him that she has always loved him even though his mum suspected him. Chidi is pacified with her words. Mena tells Chidi that she prefers him to Chude as Chude was boring while he is exciting. She kisses him, spurns him around and then stabs him with a knife and then runs to get her son Daniel who is fast asleep. She tries to run out but is stopped by Chidi, who pushes her to the chair and tries strangling her. The police walk in with his mum and arrest him. Chude’s mum disclaims him as a son. Mena weeps bitterly telling Chude’s mum to let her mourn properly as she mourned for the wrong person not her husband.

Omoni OBOLI is a multi-talented beautiful actress. She is an exceptional scriptwriter. Her stories are well written and not watery. She is a trained filmmaker at New York Films Academy. She is married to Nnamdi Oboli and they both have three kids

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