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In a small beautiful village called Talem, lived the Abdu family. Their major source of livelihood was farming; their mode of transporting farm product was the wheel barrow. They sold to neighbouring and distant villages. The Abdu family all lived like one big family that people often wondered how possible it was; though Mr. Abdu […]

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In a small beautiful village called Talem, lived the Abdu family. Their major source of livelihood was farming; their mode of transporting farm product was the wheel barrow. They sold to neighbouring and distant villages. The Abdu family all lived like one big family that people often wondered how possible it was; though Mr. Abdu made it clear to his enormous family that he wouldn’t hesitate to send packing anyone that made trouble including the children; and since no one wanted to be sent out, they all adhered to the rules of peaceful co-existence. Mr. Abdu wasn’t particularly a rich man, but afforded to put a three square meal on his family table. Mr. Abdu a huge and tall man was a no-nonsense man when it comes to his business as well as his family. He had two wives, though it was not intended. During his youth days, Mr. Abdu had dated two beautiful ladies with the intent to finally settle for one. He was deep having sexual fun with the two and never wanted to let go, when he had finally made his choice, it was far too late as the two ladies were already pregnant. Not wanting his children to be born out of wedlock, he married the both of them. He married Tara first, the one he had intended settling down with. Tara a beauty to behold was slim and long. Her dimples did justice to her face. She had curves like that of a Kim. Then Mara next, the lady he had intended putting an end to their relationship. Mara on the other hand was plump and wasn’t as tall as Tara. They were both four weeks pregnant when Mr. Abdu married them. Tara and Mara both have three children, a boy and two girls respectively. They both have a boy as their first child- Dan and Don; they are more like twins though Tara’s boy Dan, came a week before Mara’s son Don.


Dan and Don wanted life beyond farming and hoped to go to the city one day. Their Dad couldn’t afford a good school for them, but made effort to pay a lesson home teacher to always teach them three times a week, which has helped to sharpen their communication a little. So, both of them worked hard, though Dan worked harder. Dan unlike Don was quick to work and did his work at the right time. But Don was always laziying about and did chores  at his convenient time. Whenever he was sent on an errnd, he always went at his convenient time thereby inconveniencing others.  Mr. Abdu over time noted this and it infuriated him. Countless times he scolded and as well adviced him like a good friend, but he wouldn’t turn a new leaf. Don always wanted to have his way and do things at his own time. Many times, their Dad had sent them to nearby villages to deliver farm product with the barrows, but Dan would go only to return and still find Don at home. Any time Dan tried hurrying him up, it always ended in a big quarrel. And those days he tried waiting for him, Don ended up sneaking out, leaving Dan to wait in vain.

There was a particular day Mr.Abdu had to deliver some farm product in a distant village, so he sent his sons to Beli- a neighboring village to drop some potatoes. Don as usual lagged around and lazied about. Meanwhile, Dan was already prepared and was about leaving when he had a change of mind to wait for his brother. He waited, waited and was determined to wait more for him irrespective of his slow tactics.  When Don noticed that Dan would still not leave, he shouted at him, but Dan ignored him. Hours passed but Don didn’t show any readiness. After a while, Dan left for the Beli village leaving behind his brother. He carried his sack of potatoes and placed it on the wheel barrow, it was quite heavy, so even if he wanted to help Don, it would have been impossible. On his way, he passed those possible short cuts that were not his dad’s route in order not to stumble on him. He knew if that happened it was big trouble. On his way, he thought of how long he vainly waited for Dan only for him to be flippant. Dan didn’t particularly see any reason Don didn’t want to go immediately as he was long done with the washing he used as an excuse. “Could it be that he wanted to wash more clothes, or could it be that he needed to finish up some other work or perhaps he didn’t want to walk with me or better still he needed to see Zara alone first after her exam before embarking on the journey; the girl he had overtime had a crush on and countless sleepless nights and made a major subject of topic”, Dan thought to himself.  But alas he concluded that it was just the same bad habit of always doing things at his own time.  He also remembered pleading with his sisters one after the other to accompany him, but they all claimed tired.

On getting to the village, Dan met Mr. Rilan outside, the owner of the potatoes he was carrying. Mr. Rilan was frowning deeply. He was quite upset with Mr.Abdu for sending his son at this late hour. He was about going to patronize another person when Dan surfaced. Dan apologized and explained to him that his Dad had actually sent him since morning, but he was waiting for his brother who was sent to the same village, but had to leave him when he saw he was not ready. Dan pleaded with Mr. Rilan not to tell his dad about it and that such would not happen again. Dan remembered his dad saying he would stop home lesson anytime they misbehaved when he sent them on an errand. Dan didn’t want that to happen, so he begged further. Mr. Rilan seeing how remorseful Dan was, pitied and accepted his apology. He promised never to mention it to Mr.Abdu as long as Dan doesn’t reiterate such act. He sent his warm regards to his family and bade him goodbye.

 Since, Dan knew the family Don wanted to deliver his potatoes to, he stopped by to tell them that Don was already on his way. On getting to the Wison’s compound, they shunned Dan. When they saw that he wouldn’t leave, they took him to the Verandah where they placed a sack of potatoes but which was already half used. Dan already deciphered, but he pretended he didn’t know what was happening. The Wilson family impatient now, shouted at him that they already bought from another seller. He tried to plead with them and persuade them to still buy from them as he felt his brother would soon be with them. But the Wilson family made it clear that even if he brought it now, that they wouldn’t still buy again. The family was expecting the potatoes since morning because they needed it urgently, and since they didn’t see it, they had to sort other alternative.

Dan journeyed back unhappily, he thought he was going to see his brother on the road, but was more disappointed when he didn’t. He concluded that he might have passed the other short cut. When he got home, he was already exhausted, he heard the sound of water dropping from the bathroom and wondered who was using the bathroom. Without much ado, he called his brother’s name, Don three times, but there was no response. After a while, Don came out of the bathroom unremorseful.

The sound of the opening of drawer woke Dan up; he must have slept off briefly. Were his eyes deceiving him- Don was still around. His eyes flew wide open immediately.  Dan stirred at Don with so much irritation. Instantly, without mincing words, he told him that the Wilson family had patronized other people, but don shunned him. He took time in dressing up, then in combing his hair and powdering his face, after which he left for Beli village, but he went and returned in vain.

When Mr.Abdu found out what happened, he was highly upset. He had giving Don the scolding of his life that he never expected. Out of anger, Mr Abdu had said there will be no more home lesson for Don, but many people gathered around the Abdu family house and  pleaded with him to reconsider his decision, of which he did. But the scolding still didn’t make him turn a new leaf. That habit of having to do things at his time had eating  deep in him and Don didn’t bother fighting it. But his brother never gave-up on him, but kept on pushing him.

One day, Mr. Abdu felt greatly ill and it affected his movement a lot which in turn affected his business likewise his income. He turned down far away buyers but sent his sons to nearby villages. Even the girls he usually over pampered and never let them do much hardwork, joined in carrying farm products to near by villages while Dan and Don majorly did the farming.

But one fateful day, one of his loyal customers, Mr.Amy in a far away village needed three sacks of potatoes and an onion respectively, the money was mouth watering. So, Mr. Amy sent his messenger Graty,  down to Talem village, Mr. Abdus home to carry two sacks while they bring the remaining four in three days time. Mr. Abdu was so over joyed at Mr.Rilwan patronage, considering also that there wasn’t much money in the house again. So that evening, he called his two sons and told them about the distance they would be going in three days time and that they should prepare for it. He told them to leave very early but ensure they carried two big bottles of water each.

In three days time, Dan woke up to find Don already awake, as a marrer of fact, he had already had his bath. Dan was so happy that he won’t be going alone afterall. So, he dashed to the bathroom and was out in a jefee. But to his utmost surprise, Don had left him. Though Dan wasn’t happy that his brother left him, but he was glad that he took the decision to act fast for the first time. He dressed up, put both sack of potatoes and onions in a strong wheel barrow and left for kiku village where Mr. Amy inhabits.

Don quickly got to where he was going to, but not where his dad had sent him, though he carried the sacks of potatoes and onions along. He packed the wheel barrow outside the house he was going to. He knocked, and without much delay, a female voice answered. It was Zara’s voice.  Zara had invited Don over some days back. Her parents had gone out very early and were slated to return in the evening. Zara had always fantasized hot sex but had never had it. As soon as she heard Dons voice, she quickly opened the door and pulled him in. She was seductively dressed in a hot bumper shot almost revealing her bom and in a net top exposing her cleavages and her tiny breast. Don was already lost with what his eyes saw, she quickly locked the door and before they knew it, they were already digging hard into each other. They moved from the floor to Zaras’s parents bed, where they had sex countless times before they slept off.

Dan was by now tired, he has long done passed the first village, he was almost passing the second village  after which he will get to Mr.Amy’s village. He decided to look for a comfortable place to relax, drink water and then find something to eat. He walked further to see if he could find, but what beheld his eyes was unexplainable. He saw a very expensive car. Dan was scared, no car had entered the villages before. This must be a foreigner, he thought. He wondered why the car packed in the middle of no where. The beauty of the car was so radiating that it drew him closer to it. The windows were so clear like that of a mirror. He was speechless and stirred in amazement for a long time. Dan didn’t even know he was still stirring until one hand gripped him. He was filled with so much fear as he turned back. Though the person was looking tired and harmless, Dan felt he would have been upset with him with the way he was stirring into his car. After some time, the man finally spoke to Dan. He introduced himself as Mr.Brown and Dan was indeed pleased to meet him. Mr. Brown just like Dan was also scared. His car had stopped in the middle of nowhere. It over heat and he has in the past 40minutes been looking for water. He didn’t find any pond neither did he find any house he could enter and ask for water. He had concluded that the journey was a futile one. Dan enquired from him where he was going to and he mentioned the koni village, which was a village away from his village. That was the place of the king. Mr. Brown was actually going to the kings place with the idea of innovating all the villages, before he got struck.

Dan didn’t know what it meant for a car to overheat, all he knew was that he was tired and needed to drink water, so he stepped back and went to his wheel barrow to get his water and he drank like a beer. Mr. Brown knew he was thirsty, so he allowed him take some water before asking him for water. Dan told him that he still had more. Oh what a miracle Mr.Brown thought as he has searched severally for any waterside to get water to pour in his car as it was over heating. Mr. Brown’s frustration was immediately replaced with joy, his smile was instantly widened when Dan offered to give him water.

He brought out  the big bottle of water from his wheel barrow and gave to Mr. Brown. Grateful Mr.Brown didn’t really know how to appreciate little and industrious Dan, but he offered to drop him off. Dan refused but Mr.Brown insisted. As he drove and started passing through houses, people stirred in amazement. They felt the overall god of  Wealth had come to visit them. So, after some time, they got to Mr. Amy’s village. Dan thanked the stranger and bade him goodbye. He went in to Mr. Amy’s house and dropped the sack of potatoes and onions. He was surprised that Don had not yet gotten to Mr. Amy’s house as he left the house before him. Mr Amy entertained him and refilled his bottles when he was about leaving.

But to Dan’s astonishment, his new friend did not move an inch, he waited for him. Dan hopped in and they moved out of Mr. Amy’s village. As they journeyed on, they conversed. From their conversation, Mr. Brown was able to cast that Dan needed a city life and that city life he was going to get. But wanting to hear from the horse’s mouth and in a bid to repay Don for his kindness, the gentleman asked Don how he can be of help to him and don with no hesitation told him how he wanted good education. The young man was happy that Don had not asked for money, which could finish, but rather asked for education, the best legacy which can never be a waste. He was so happy to have seen a young boy who was so much interested in education. So he promised to take care of his education. This brought so much joy upon Dan’s face. When they finally got to Tantem village, Dan shew him his house and he promised coming back to visit he and hisfamily before leaving for City.

After sleeping off, Don and Zara had already woken up, taking their time now to have sizzling romance, he grabbed her two breasts and hungrily put one in his mouth and was fondling with the other.   Moving slowly now on the bed at the same speed, they had sex again after which they slept off . They must have been so lust in their own ignorance that they thought the house belonged to them. It was a knock that brought them to reality. Immediately, Zara pushed Don off him. He started searching for his clothes were he didn’t place them; he was by now shivering. As he rushed to dress up, his gaze fixed on the minute clock on the wall. It was already 6:00pm, he was doomed. What was he going to tell his parents. He and Zara rushed out of the bathroom, he had forgotten that he had another issue about to confront him outside. As he tried opening the door unconsciously, Zara slapped the back of his hand, she took him to the toilet and hid him there. After ten minutes of finally comporting herself, she opened the door. Her mum stirred at her with so much anger, not only because she didn’t answer the door on time, but because of her indecent dressing. She was standing barely naked. Zara’s mum shouted at her to go and pull off that clothe, she couldn’t have imagined that her own daughter had such immoral cloth. Zara’s mum who was already pressed from where she and her husband wnet to, had ran out of the car leaving the husband alone to repack properly, just to use the convenience. So, she dashed to the toilet and almost fainted at what she saw, a half naked boy. She put the pictures together and already knew what her daughter did in their absence. In her anger, she gave Don two slaps and held his trouser to pull him out. Zara’s dad walked in and she explained what happened, he also threw two punches at him, they took him outside and gave him the disgrace of his life.

After a while, Don came back to the spot he had left his potatoes and Onions, but they were nowhere to be found including the wheel barrow. He only saw his bottles of water. He cried profusely, as he was crying, he could also hear the loud cry of a female, which was Zara’s. She had been lashed severely by her parents for being nasty. Don was in a dilemma. He didn’t know what to do, he couldn’t possibly tell his dad what happened. He thought of lying to Mr.Abdu, his father.

As he got home, he started telling the tales of how he was robbed and severely beaten. Mr. Abdu  though ill, made every effort to handle the situation. So, he gave him all the time to play out his lies, when Mr.Abdu noticed that he was done telling he tales, he started his own talk. Unknown to Don, as he spent hours looking for the wheel barrow in Zara’s vicinity, words had already gotten to his father. Don had also forgotten that his village in particular was a place of no robbery. Calmly, Mr.Abdu asked him to turn around and pick the paper on the floor, as Don bent down, Mr. Abdu brought out his cane and whipped him massively which he will never forget in a hurry.  His further punishment was that for a week, he was only going to get one food per day. Dan pities his brother but he was helpless.

Mr. Brown spent over a week at the king’s place. They treated him well. Plans have been made to start upgrading the villages one after the other in two months time. The upgrading starts from the kings place next to Dan’s village and so on and so forth. On his way back, he stopped at Dan’s family house. He made his intention known to them. Mr. Brown planned on sending someone to come back for Dan next week, where he could start proper education and become someone great in life. After so much persuading, Mr.Abdu accepted. So a week after, fully packed, dressed and prepared to start a new life entirely. The family rejoiced together and celebrated the great news. Don for sure learnt his lessons and from that day on, he did his work immediately. Dan bade his family goodbye, elated that a major part of his dream as been achieved.




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